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Jan 18 2012

Judicial Politics in Wisconsin Undermines Public Trust

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The courts have become a football in Wisconsin’s ongoing political fights.  Wisconsin’s judges, like those in Pennsylvania, are elected, and judicial elections have become markedly more contentious since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s row with the state’s labor unions last year.  The Wisconsin State Journal has called for merit selection stating:  Wisconsin’s broken system for selecting […]

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Sep 09 2011

Wisconsin Ready for a Change…to Merit Selection

The recent events in Wisconsin have brought to a head growing concerns about the independence and integrity of the Wisconsin judiciary. The latest proponent of change? Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson. According to a Wisconsin State Journal editorial, Abrahamson “indicated in a memo to her colleagues this week that she wants her Wisconsin Supreme Court to […]

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Jun 02 2011

Call for “Extinction” of Judicial Elections

The race for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice finally ended on Tuesday when Joanne Kloppenburg conceded defeat after a recount, but the “ugly, money-soaked race” has left some questioning the use of judicial elections. Kloppenburg herself expressed hope that the election would be a “wake-up call” that the system needs improvements, but an editorial in the […]

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Sep 14 2009

“Restoring Public Trust in Impartial Justice”

An editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal urges that Merit Selection is the solution to the increasingly expensive and divisive judicial elections the state has been experiencing.  Although Wisconsin currently uses a system of nonpartisan elections, the editorial notes that well-financed third parties have become heavily involved in state judicial elections and that recent First […]

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May 27 2009

“Merit Selection is the Right Choice”

An editorial in the  Wisconsin State Journal urges the adoption of Merit Selection in the face of increasing concerns about the role of money in judicial elections and the pressure on judges to state their opinions during judicial campaigns.  In fact, there is now a pending recusal motion based on a Supreme Court justice’s campaign […]

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Mar 30 2009

Calling for Merit Selection in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is in the midst of a heated Supreme Court race, but the Wisconsin State Journal has decided not to endorse a candidate for election to the bench. Instead in a strong editorial, the Journal explains it: [E]ndorses a better method of choosing state Supreme Court justices — merit selection. The selection of judges based […]

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Feb 06 2009

Praising Merit in Wisconsin

A column in last weekend’s Wisconsin State Journal praises Merit Selection as the best way to select judges: Most of Wisconsin doesn’t want a liberal or conservative court. We want a court filled with justices who have the most experience, the strongest reputations for fairness, and records of rarely being overturned. That’s what merit selection […]

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Jan 28 2009

Merit Selection is Right for Wisconsin

An editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal lauds Merit Selection as the solution to the state’s broken electoral system: The State Journal editorial board has strongly favored replacing Wisconsin’s disgraceful high court election system with merit selection. Recent state Supreme Court elections have been so soiled by outlandish TV ads and subsequent ethics investigations that […]

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Jan 23 2009

“Merit is Better than Mudslinging”

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An editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal argues that the state’s election system is not the best way to pick judges. In fact, the editorial calls the judicial election system “nasty and broken.” Anticipating another bitter election fight and misleading advertisements based on one candidate’s past employment as a public defender, the editorial predicts a […]

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Dec 30 2008

Joining the Merit Selection Bandwagon in Wisconsin

In its year-end story round-up, The Daily Page in Wisconsin discusses the Wisconsin State Journal’s call for Merit Selection, calling it the year’s “Best Crusade:” [The issue is] reform of the state’s system of selecting Supreme Court justices. Instead of letting governors pick most of them, interspersed with ugly contests bankrolled by special interests, the […]

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