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Jul 30 2012

A Return to Wild Wild West Elections?

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In 1995 the Texas legislature passed the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act. It was enacted non prescription cialis due to too many scandals and too much money in Texas Supreme Court elections.  The Act “imposes mandatory caps on contributions and voluntary limits on expenditures in judicial races.”  The voluntary provision is thought to be effective because […]

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Jul 20 2012

Election Season Mishaps

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Election season brings campaign mishaps, and judicial elections are no exception. Recently, three judges, two from Ohio and one from Texas, have been accused of violating campaign laws.   Ohio Common Pleas Court candidate, Judge Kathryn Michael, was fined for accepting an improper campaign donation from her ex-husband and for improper wording on her campaign […]

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Jul 17 2012

Texas Primary: Pointing Fingers

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According to the Texas Tribune, Texas Supreme Court elections are already becoming heated.  Former district court judge, John Devine is running against eight-year incumbent Justice David Medina in a Republican runoff election. John Devine has taken a grass roots approach to the election.  Justice David Medina has the support of Republican elected officials, and he […]

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Jun 08 2012

Lawyers' Contributions to Judicial Campaigns All Too Common

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A San Antonio Express-News article explains just how frequently lawyers contribute to judicial election campaigns.  Picture this: a group of probate attorneys gathering together in order to discuss the re-election of a probate judge while drinking scotch and beer.  The probate judge, Tom Rickhoff, stops by with a list of attorneys who could potentially contribute money to his re-election […]

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Dec 07 2011

Voting for candidates, or voting for a name?

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A recent article in the Texas Tribune discusses the potential in statewide judicial elections for candidates to be selected based on criteria no less superficial than the ethnic indicia a name provides. how to work from home The article, titled “The Cues Voters Use to Elect Unknown Candidates,” argues that “voters choose dozens of important […]

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Dec 21 2010

San Antonio Editorial Board is Looking for a Change

The editorial board at the San Antonio Express-News is calling for a change in Texas’s judicial selection. Texas currently uses partisan elections to select judges, but the editorial board believes that politics and money play too large a role in the process. In addition to worrying about politicizing the judiciary, the editorial condemns the fact […]

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Jan 06 2010

Texans Note Pennsylvania’s Expensive Judicial Elections and Call for Merit Selection in Lone Star State

A newspaper in Fort-Worth, Texas published an editorial this past Friday challenging Texans to reconsider the way they select judges. Noting that Texas has the dubious distinction of being “among a handful of states that elect all their judges in partisan elections” (along with Pennsylvania, Alabama, West Virginia, Illinois, and Louisiana), the paper calls on […]

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Aug 27 2009

People Are Talking About Merit Selection

Dialogue and debate are critical when  important decisions are at stake.  That’s why it’s heartening to learn that people are talking about Merit Selection in different forums in several states.  This includes Pennsylvania, where the Courts Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee will soon be holding hearings on Merit Selection. But Pennsylvania is not alone.  […]

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Jul 01 2009

We All Deserve an Even Playing Field

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In the wake of Caperton, an editorial in the San Antonio Express-News urges Texas to adopt Merit Selection for its judges.  Leading the charge for reform in Texas is the current Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Wallace Jefferson.  His support for Merit Selection continues a tradition begun by his predecessors on the bench; […]

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Jun 16 2009

We Can Do Something About the Problems Caused When Money and Judges Mix

An editorial in the Austin American-Statesman minces no words in pointing out a major problem caused by electing judges: Elections mean money. Money means problems. Elections and money and judges mean, at the least, a damaging perception of big problems. . . . [The campaign contributions involved in Caperton] seem[ed] like a prudent investment. But […]

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