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Jul 31 2013

Merit Selection Myths: "Elite Attorneys" Control Nominations

One of the most common criticisms of merit selection systems is that “elite” groups of attorneys are nominating judges. The frequently unstated implication is that since the nominators are lawyers, they are going to pick judges who will serve their interests rather than those of the general public. There are a couple of problems with […]

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Jan 31 2012

Trying to Solve the Money Problem

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We know that the public is increasingly concerned about the influence campaign contributions to judicial candidates may have in the courtroom.  Yet, many states, including Pennsylvania, continue to elect judges in expensive elections that essentially require judicial campaigns to seek funds from lawyers, law firms, businesses, unions and other special interest groups with frequent litigation […]

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Dec 12 2011

Talking About Whether There’s a Better Way

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Recently, we reported that a debate was held in Minnesota about whether to change the way judges are selected.  Now, we’re reading that similar debates are being held and questions raised about judicial selection in Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  While each of these states is different and has its own unique no prescription viagra experiences […]

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Sep 26 2011

The Quest to Find a Better Way

An article in Reuters examines an effort occupying several states: the quest to find a better way to select judges. The article profiles the ongoing debate in Tennessee over whether to continue its Merit Selection system.  Defenders of the current system, including the legal and business communities, argue that ” judicial elections would lead to […]

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Jan 31 2011

Fight Resumes Over Tennessee Judicial Selection

The perennial fight over selection of appellate judges in Tennessee is back on, according to an opinion piece published in The Tennessean on 1/30. In “Judge-selection system in state instills trust,” Dwight Lewis explains how the state’s Merit Selection system works, and notes support for the plan from former Tennessee Supreme Court justice, and newly inaugurated […]

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Jan 14 2011

A Different Kind of Money Problem in Tennessee

Something interesting is happening in Tennessee – where the Merit Selection system for choosing judges is again under fire.  The Times Free Press reports (hat tip to American Courthouse) that two sitting Supreme Court justices contributed to the Senate campaign of the opponent of a state representative who was vocal about wanting to change the […]

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Aug 28 2009

Merit Selection Envy

Immediate Past President of the American Bar Association H. Thomas Wells confesses that he suffers from “Merit Selection Envy.”  The Chatanooga Times Free Press reports that Wells explained: “I will tell you from a personal standpoint that those of us in Alabama who have partisan elections of judges look at Tennessee with a great deal […]

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Jun 01 2009

Tennessee Sticking with Merit Selection

During the last year, we’ve periodically reported about the legislative wrangling over whether or not to renew Tennesee’s Merit Selection system.  Well, it seems that Tennessee is sticking with Merit Selection and as the headline reads in the Tennessean “rejecting the election of judges.” As the Tennessean reports, the House and Senate have each passed […]

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Apr 20 2009

Tennessee Chief Justice Makes the Call: Merit Selection is the Way

The Memphis Flyer reports that Tennessee Chief Justice Janice Holder was very clear in her support for Merit Selection during her recent address to the Kiwanis Club.  Explaining why it is imperative that the Tennesse Merit Selection be renewed and continued, Chief Justice Holder offered an eye-opening explanation of the role of judges as referees: […]

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Apr 01 2009

Calls to Keep Using Merit Selection in Tennessee

An editorial in the Knoxville News Sentinel urges Tennessee to keep using Merit Selection.  While acknowledging that the system could be amended somewhat to improve transparency and increase public input, the editorial argues that moving to judicial elections would be a serious mistake: Judges are not legislators. Running for office statewide puts them in the […]

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