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Mar 03 2014

New Pennsylvania Code of Judicial Conduct Rule Bars Judges From Hearing Major Donors’ Cases

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In January, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced the adoption of a revised Code of Judicial Conduct which will go into effect July of this year. One major area affected by the revised rules revolves around campaign contributions to judicial candidates. Under Course you this and! On buy cialis online canada Got can. It coarse Viagra […]

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Jan 31 2012

Trying to Solve the Money Problem

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We know that the public is increasingly concerned about the influence campaign contributions to judicial candidates may have in the courtroom.  Yet, many states, including Pennsylvania, continue to elect judges in expensive elections that essentially require judicial campaigns to seek funds from lawyers, law firms, businesses, unions and other special interest groups with frequent litigation […]

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Nov 28 2011

What is Recusal Really For?

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In a thoughtful piece in the Huffington Post, Lisa McElroy and Amanda Frost explore the issue of recusal. The context is the Proposition 8 case in California and claims that the presiding judge should have recused because of his sexual orientation. The article’s central premise gets to the heart of what recusal is really for, […]

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Jul 15 2011

Something We Should Do in the Meantime

A Times-Tribune editorial asserts that although merit selection is the best way to select judges, strict disclosure requirements and clear recusal rules are necessary in the meantime. The author remembers the state Supreme Court race of 2009 in which politics played a central role. During the campaign, there was much concern that Democratic or Republican […]

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Jun 28 2011

Stricter Recusal Standards Offer Only Part of the Answer

A recent editorial in West Virgina’s The Charleston Gazette implores the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates to consider model recusal standards at its session in August. West Virginia has been at the center of conversations about recusal reform since 2009’s Caperton v. Massey. After a trial decision in favor of Caperton, Massey contributed $3 […]

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Apr 25 2011

A Call For Recusal Reform in Illinois

In a 4/25 editorial, the Chicago Sun-Times calls for new standards to require a judge to step down from cases involving campaign contributors. The paper laments the increasing price tag of judicial elections, and the perception that campaign contributions to judges have an influence on their rulings. How do judges raise money to run for […]

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Feb 23 2011

North Carolina Voters Wary of Courtroom Cash

A new public opinion poll in North Carolina show just how corrosive judicial elections are to public confidence in a fair and impartial judiciary. The poll, which was conducted by the North Carolina Center for Voter Education, and our friends at the Justice at Stake Campaign, ” finds that 94 percent of North Carolina voters […]

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Jan 06 2011

A Guide to State Rules on Disqualification

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The American Judicature Society Center for Judicial Ethics has announced the creation of a resource that promises to be a useful tool for court watchers. The Society’s new document, called “Judicial Disqualification Based on Commitments and Campaign Contributions,” tracks the adoption of state rules that require disqualification of judges based on relationships with, or campaign donations […]

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Jan 19 2010

Court chasing its tail in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has proposed an order ruling that judges can’t be forced to recuse themselves from hearing a case solely on account of having received a campaign contribution from one of the litigants. The order offers a valid argument supporting this rule: Disqualifying a judge from participating in a proceeding solely because the […]

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Dec 15 2009

Judges “Unfriending” Lawyers in Florida

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Judges in Florida should take advice from the country music song and “find out who your friends are.” According to the Law Blog of the Wall Street Journal, Sunshine State jurists have been advised by the Florida Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee (FJEAC) to avoid becoming Facebook “friends” with lawyers who may appear before them in […]

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