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Jul 31 2013

Merit Selection Myths: "Elite Attorneys" Control Nominations

One of the most common criticisms of merit selection systems is that “elite” groups of attorneys are nominating judges. The frequently unstated implication is that since the nominators are lawyers, they are going to pick judges who will serve their interests rather than those of the general public. There are a couple of problems with […]

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Jun 28 2012

The Real Reasons Pennsylvanians Want to Find a New Way to Select Judges

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In a letter published in the Harrisburg Patriot-News, PMC’s Lynn  A. Marks points out the problems in Dan Pero’s recent op-ed about Merit Selection.  Pero focused on the fact that even Merit Selection systems cannot totally eliminate politics from judicial selection. While conceding this point, Marks pointed out the big issues that Pero ignores and […]

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Jun 05 2012

We Trust the Voters

PMC and PMCAction are disappointed to report that the House Judiciary Committee today tabled Merit Selection (H.B. 1815) on a 13-12 vote.  Instead of moving forward a bill that would give Pennsylvanians the opportunity to decide for themselves whether there is a better way to choose appellate judges, the Committee responded to pressure by special […]

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Jun 05 2012

Let the People Decide

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In an op-ed in the Harrisburg Patriot-News, PMC today calls for the state legislature to begin the process of giving the people of Pennsylvania the opportunity to decide whether there is a better way to select appellate court judges. The editorial notes the recent scandals that have rocked our state courts, including the indictment of […]

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May 01 2012

A Recipe for Trouble

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The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that some candidates for the 2013 judicial elections in Allegheny County have announced their candidacies on Facebook. Well, of course they have. Facebook is free, easy to use, and a great way to get a message canada pharmacy out.  But, at least one candidate — an assistant district attorney — has […]

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Apr 16 2012

Pennsylvanians Deserve the Facts

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The Sunday Currents Section of the Philadelphia Inquirer cheap viagra online features a letter to the editor (scroll to the bottom) from PMC. The letter responds to last week’s op-ed by Professor Chris Bonneau, which purported to be a critique of Merit Selection but which really only raised questions about retention elections. PMC pointed out […]

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Mar 16 2012

NY Times Editorial Praises Effort to Implement Merit Selection in PA

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An editorial in the New York Times entitled “No Way To Choose A Judge” urges Merit Selection as a good solution for Pennsylvania. The editorial recounts recent judicial election news in Alabama and the ongoing investigation into the use of government staff for the elections of State Senator Jane Orie and her sister Supreme Court […]

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Mar 05 2012

Philadelphia Papers Call for Merit Selection

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In the wake of Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearings on Merit Selection for the appellate courts, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News have each published editorials calling for Merit Selection. Following a recap of the hearing and a brief discourse on local and state-wide judges whose conduct has been the subject of news […]

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Feb 28 2012

Merit Selection Hearing on Thursday March 1

A Public Hearing on Merit Selection  (HB 1815 and 1816) will be held by the PA House order propecia online Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 1st from 1:30-3:30 pm, at the National Constitution Center, Kirby Auditorium, 525 Arch Street, Philadelphia.  We know from public polling that Pennsylvanians want the chance to weigh in on the […]

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Jan 18 2012

Philadelphia Inquirer Calls for Merit Selection

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In an editorial today, the Philadelphia Inquirer urges the legislature to act on pending Merit Selection legislation.  Although the paper has supported Merit Selection for a long time, the impetus for the call today was the pending investigation of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin for improper use of her judicial staff for her […]

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