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Aug 21 2012

It Doesn’t Make Sense

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The Orie Melvin case continues to highlight the problems that result from electing judges.  The entire case is a product of judicial elections:  the Supreme Court justice is accused of illegal use of government resources for her campaigns for the Supreme Court.  And now, as the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports, in the midst of the […]

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Jul 31 2012

Justice Joan Orie Melvin’s Preliminary Hearing

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State Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin’s preliminary hearing before District Judge James Hanley in Pittsburgh Municipal Court started yesterday.  A preliminary hearing is an initial hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. Justice Orie Melvin’s case highlights a main problem with judicial elections.  She is charged with using her […]

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May 01 2012

A Recipe for Trouble

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The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that some candidates for the 2013 judicial elections in Allegheny County have announced their candidacies on Facebook. Well, of course they have. Facebook is free, easy to use, and a great way to get a message canada pharmacy out.  But, at least one candidate — an assistant district attorney — has […]

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Jan 13 2012

PMC in the News

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There has been extensive news coverage of the revelation that Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin is the target of an on-going grand jury investigation about the use of government staff for election activities.  In the wake of those revelations, PMC called on the Justice to temporarily step aside from her judicial duties; PMC also […]

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Jan 10 2012

PMC: Orie Melvin Case Demands Swift Action and Long Term Reform

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Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts today called for swift action following the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review‘s report that Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie viagra 100mg price Melvin is the target of a grand jury investigation focused on the improper use of judicial and legislative staff for her election campaigns. PMC has called for Justice Orie Melvin to temporarily […]

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Jan 24 2011

Changes in Harrisburg Bring Optimism for Merit Selection

Bobby Kerlik at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that merit selection supporters are hopeful that the political changes in Harrisburg will help advance the cause of reform. Shira Goodman, deputy director of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, believes that the Legislature is ready to discuss court reform. She also thinks that this is a move the public […]

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Dec 06 2010

Take Another Look at those Cars

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The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review this weekend published a letter to the editor from PMC. This letter came as a response to an article about the tax-payer paid leases for luxury vehicles driven by judges. Recognizing that appellate judges travel for court business, the letter explains that the practice is extravagant and should be reevaluated. The letter […]

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Nov 24 2010

Newspapers Call for a Gift Ban

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Editorials in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Patriot-News, and Philadelphia Inquirer criticize Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille for accepting expensive gifts and call for a change to the court’s rules. Under the current rules, created by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, trial and appellate judges may accept gifts as long as gifts valued over $250 […]

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Oct 27 2009

Let’s Talk About Money

All of a sudden, other people seem to be doing our work for us, that is alerting the public to the evils of money in judicial elections.  Supreme Court candidates are challenging each other about campaign contributions, and the media is all over the story.  (Check out this story on NPR’s WHYY and articles in the Pittsburgh […]

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Oct 02 2009

We Should be Worried about Sleepy Elections

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An article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review offers a gloomy assessment about the upcoming judicial elections in Westmoreland County where voters are electing two new judges: Look who’s talking about the upcoming election for two Westmoreland County judgeships. Apparently nobody. The disturbing evidence to support this conclusion: a scheduled candidate forum was canceled when two of […]

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