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Mar 05 2012

Philadelphia Papers Call for Merit Selection

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In the wake of Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearings on Merit Selection for the appellate courts, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News have each published editorials calling for Merit Selection. Following a recap of the hearing and a brief discourse on local and state-wide judges whose conduct has been the subject of news […]

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Apr 22 2010

Pennsylvania is Talking About Merit Selection

Yesterday’s call by Governor Rendell for the legislature to pass the pending Merit Selection bills has got Pennsylvania talking.  An editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News shares the Governor’s sense of urgency to pass the legislation and argues: “Imagine if judges didn’t have to rely on the kindness of ward leaders, or the luck of […]

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Jan 11 2010

Let the People Decide

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In a letter to the Philadelphia Daily News today, bar association chancellor Scott F. Cooper emphasized the importance of changing the way we select appellate court judges. Writing in support of last week’s editorial on Merit Selection, Chancellor Cooper emphasized the unavoidable problem of money in judicial elections: natural diabetes cure The judicial system in […]

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Jan 05 2010

"The Need for Reform is Clear"

An editorial in today’s Philadelphia Daily News urges that Merit Selection is a much needed reform.  Discussing the very expensive 2009 Supreme Court elections and the Luzerne County Courthouse scandal,  the Daily News writes: Welcome to the darker side of the Pennsylvania judiciary, a side that will continue to stay dark as long as we […]

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Dec 23 2009

PA Judges Come With High Price Tags

Dave Davies of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote yesterday in response to Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts’ press release on the huge amount of money spent by the candidates and third-parties on this year’s PA Supreme Court race. Data from the current year is still incomplete, yet PMC reports that at least $4.5 million has already […]

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Nov 20 2009

In times of widespread corruption, we must call for reform

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Like night follows day, scandals in Harrisburg are followed by cries for reform. This time, though, cries are coming from an unusual place: the governor’s office. So begins an op-ed published in today’s Daily News. The piece recaps the Governor’s call for reform, which includes a change to merit selection of judges. What’s perhaps unusual […]

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Nov 10 2009

A Process Worthy of the Importance of the Decision

In an editorial in today’s Philadelphia Daily News, PMC offers this review of the 2009 judicial elections: Once again, judicial elections have left a bad taste in the mouth of Pennsylvania voters. It’s as if we all watched from the sidelines as some celebrities threw an expensive party, got into a fistfight and traded barbs […]

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Nov 04 2009

A Good Day for Justice?

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In today’s Philadelphia Daily News column, John Baer reviews the judicial election results and scratches his head about how we select our judges. So, did people vote yesterday? According to Baer, “The low-profile court contests appeared to draw lower than normal court-race turnout; some experts projected a statewide figure below 20 percent.”  That’s certainly not […]

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Oct 30 2009

Don’t Elect Statewide Judges

John Baer of the Philadelphia Daily News argued in his column earlier this week that: “THE NASTY RACE for state Supreme Court is making yet another strong case for not electing statewide judges.” Baer notes that the recent dispute between Supreme Court candidates Jack Panella and Joan Orie Melvin over campaign contributions and their current […]

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Oct 16 2009

Party Games in Judicial Elections

While the judicial reform bills currently before the state legislature would replace elections with Merit Selection only for appellate-level judges, the upcoming local judicial elections — especially for Court of Common Pleas vacancies in Allegheny County and Philadelphia — demonstrate the political party gamesmanship that can define judicial elections and determine who reaches the bench. […]

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