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Jul 31 2013

Merit Selection Myths: "Elite Attorneys" Control Nominations

One of the most common criticisms of merit selection systems is that “elite” groups of attorneys are nominating judges. The frequently unstated implication is that since the nominators are lawyers, they are going to pick judges who will serve their interests rather than those of the general public. There are a couple of problems with […]

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Sep 14 2011

General Assembly to Take Up Merit Selection

PMC and PMCAction are pleased to announce that Representative Bryan Cutler (R -Lancaster ) along with Representative Josh Shapiro (D -Montgomery), has introduced legislation that would amend the Constitution to institute a Merit Selection system for Pennsylvania’s appellate courts. The legislation consists of two bills. The first, H.B. 1815, is a constitutional amendment. The second, […]

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Jun 27 2011

PMC’s Lynn Marks Promotes Merit Selection in Interview with

In response to recent criticism that financial support from George Soros is an attempt to “stack the courts,” Executive Director Lynn Marks affirmed the virtue of merit selection in an interview with “Merit selection would end the money race and get judges out of the fundraising business.” Marks further critiqued judicial elections’ emphasis on […]

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Jan 24 2011

Changes in Harrisburg Bring Optimism for Merit Selection

Bobby Kerlik at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that merit selection supporters are hopeful that the political changes in Harrisburg will help advance the cause of reform. Shira Goodman, deputy director of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, believes that the Legislature is ready to discuss court reform. She also thinks that this is a move the public […]

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Jan 05 2010

"The Need for Reform is Clear"

An editorial in today’s Philadelphia Daily News urges that Merit Selection is a much needed reform.  Discussing the very expensive 2009 Supreme Court elections and the Luzerne County Courthouse scandal,  the Daily News writes: Welcome to the darker side of the Pennsylvania judiciary, a side that will continue to stay dark as long as we […]

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Dec 22 2009

New Records May Be Set by 2009 PA Supreme Court Election

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts today announced that the 2009 Supreme Court election between Republican Joan Orie Melvin (the winning candidate) and Democrat Jack Panella is likely to set new fundraising and spending records.  The final numbers are not yet in, as candidates can continue to raise funds until the end of the year.  But we […]

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Dec 11 2009

Facebook Users — Please Help PMC with Just a Few Clicks

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For those of you who are fans of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts and also facebook users, there’s an easy way to help PMC while you’re busy on facebook. Chase Charitable Giving is running a challenge that will award $5 million to small nonprofits. The first stage will award $25,000 to the 100 nonprofits who get […]

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Nov 18 2009

Governor Rendell Calls for Merit Selection of Judges

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell began a 3-month tour of the state in which he is calling for sweeping changes, intended to overhaul the notoriously broken political process in the state.  Appropriately, the Governor began his education campaign in Luzerne County, where judicial corruption of an unprecedented scale has damaged the public’s confidence in government at […]

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Nov 01 2009

Hard on the Voters

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today explores whether voters can sort through and make decisions about nine candidates running for the Superior Court, one of two intermediate appellate courts in Pennsylvania: There are 15 positions on the Superior Court bench, and four are open this year. But in a judicial race like this, it is likely that […]

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Oct 26 2009

Money is Poison

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We’ve been talking about the poisonous influence of money in judicial elections for a long time.  Now, the candidates are talking about it, too. According to John Micek over at Capitol Ideas, Supreme Court candidate Joan Orie Melvin made this a topic of her address to the Press Club today.  She complained about the $1 […]

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