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Oct 23 2012

Purchasing Justice: A Threat to Impartiality

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A recent blog compared NFL referees with courtroom judges.  Both sides want the decider to be impartial and skilled.  However, when judges are required to actively fundraise in order to successfully campaign for a viagra purchase seat on the bench and special interest groups, lawyers and litigants who may later appear before the judge donate […]

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Jun 07 2012

The Time is Ripe for Reform

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Today’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette editorial blasts the House Judiciary Committee for failing to advance Merit Selection legislation even as a sitting Supreme Court Justice has been indicted for alleged illegal campaign activity. “[T]he occasion has never been riper to get politics out of judicial elections. The headlines on Justice Joan Orie Melvin being charged with using her staff […]

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May 16 2012

"The Worst Way to Select Judges"

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In a post on the New York Times Editorial Page Editor’s Blog, Andrew Rosenthal asserts: Elections are the worst way to select judges. The process leaves judges beholden to party bosses, wealthy donors, and the whims of the very, very few people who actually bother to vote. Rosenthal focuses on Michigan and the recent report […]

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Mar 16 2012

NY Times Editorial Praises Effort to Implement Merit Selection in PA

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An editorial in the New York Times entitled “No Way To Choose A Judge” urges Merit Selection as a good solution for Pennsylvania. The editorial recounts recent judicial election news in Alabama and the ongoing investigation into the use of government staff for the elections of State Senator Jane Orie and her sister Supreme Court […]

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Jan 31 2012

Trying to Solve the Money Problem

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We know that the public is increasingly concerned about the influence campaign contributions to judicial candidates may have in the courtroom.  Yet, many states, including Pennsylvania, continue to elect judges in expensive elections that essentially require judicial campaigns to seek funds from lawyers, law firms, businesses, unions and other special interest groups with frequent litigation […]

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Dec 12 2011

Talking About Whether There’s a Better Way

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Recently, we reported that a debate was held in Minnesota about whether to change the way judges are selected.  Now, we’re reading that similar debates are being held and questions raised about judicial selection in Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  While each of these states is different and has its own unique no prescription viagra experiences […]

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Sep 26 2011

The Quest to Find a Better Way

An article in Reuters examines an effort occupying several states: the quest to find a better way to select judges. The article profiles the ongoing debate in Tennessee over whether to continue its Merit Selection system.  Defenders of the current system, including the legal and business communities, argue that ” judicial elections would lead to […]

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Jul 01 2011

Alabama Chief Justice Cites Judicial Elections as a Reason for her Resignation

This week, Alabama State Supreme Court Chief Justice Sue Bell announced her resignation effective August 1st, 2011. In her statement, she cited the failure of AL courts to modify their judicial selection system as one of her reasons for leaving. “Alabama appellate court justices should be selected either on merit, and retained or rejected by […]

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Aug 26 2010

"An Intelligent, Apolitical, Public Discussion"

An editorial in the Youngstown News (Ohio) calls for a meaningful public dialogue about whether to change to Merit Selection.  Citing the recent New Politics of Judicial Elections report, the editorial observes: The issue of money and the courts is not new. . . . But the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that threw open […]

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Aug 16 2010

New Report on Judicial Elections: Things are Getting Worse

Today, PMC partners Justice At Stake, the Brennan Center for Justice and the National Institute on Money in State Politics issued a new report analyzing the last decade of judicial elections entitled “The New Politics of Judicial Elections: 2000-2009.” Pennsylvania is prominently featured in the Report, which examines the explosion in fundraising and spending in […]

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