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Aug 15 2008

Voices of Merit: Colorado Grateful

Boulder County’s Daily Camera columnist Doug Thorburn recently wrote a column praising local judge James C. Klein. The piece reserves plenty of kind words for the system that put Judge Klein on the bench. android teen spy app Thorburn summarizes the problems with judicial elections, including campaign contributions that create the appearance of bias and […]

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Jun 10 2008

Exposing Myths About Merit Selection

As the campaign for Merit Selection progresses, we hear some inaccurate arguments repeated by those who oppose Merit Selection. In an effort to set the record straight, we’ll reveal the truth and clear up these myths. Myth #6: Merit Selection supporters want to do away with all elections. This is a favorite scare tactic of […]

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May 30 2008

Setting the Philadelphia Public Record Straight

In their May 15th cover story about the effort to bring Merit Selection of appellate judges to Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Public Record rehashed the old argument that Merit Selection supporters are conspiring to take away the right to vote for appellate judges. In an effort to set the Record straight buy cheap viagra online , […]

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May 25 2008

Calls for Diversity On The Appellate Bench

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Now that the Pennsylvania Senate has officially rejected Governor Rendell’s nominations to fill four vacant appellate judgeships, calls are coming for increased diversity among the judges on the appellate bench. Senate Republicans cited lack of diversity in the nominees as one reason why they rejected the slate. The Black Legislative Caucus is calling on the […]

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May 13 2008

Merit Selection Debate Takes to the Airwaves

This week, the Susquehana Valley Center for Public Policy’s TV show Behind the Headlines will focus on Merit Selection. PMC/PMCAction’s Lynn Marks debates Lowman Henry about how Pennsylvania should select appellate court judges. Check this link for a list of cable systems that carry the show. cheap oem software On Saturday, PMC/PMCAction’s Chicken Coop Guide […]

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May 01 2008

Times-Tribune: Time To “Get The Ball Rolling On Merit Selection.”

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In an editorial addressing Governor Rendell’s stalled interim judicial appointments, Scranton’s Times-Tribune points out that judicial elections make it difficult for qualified candidates from many areas of Pennsylvania to reach the appellate bench. Due to simple electoral math, it is very difficult for any candidate who is not from the Philadelphia area or Allegheny County […]

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Apr 28 2008

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

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In a letter to the editor published in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts and PMCA Executive Director Lynn Marks explains how Merit Selection of appellate judges differs from the interim judicial appointments currently stalled in the state Senate. Opponents of Merit Selection like to argue that the struggle over Governor Rendell’s nominations somehow […]

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Apr 27 2008

Overheard at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference

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Yesterday, PMC Associate Director Shira Goodman made a presentation about Merit Selection to the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. Goodman spoke on a panel dedicated to The Future of Reform in Pennsylvania and opened her remarks by saying “I’m here to talk to you about why we believe it’s time for Pennsylvanians to decide how they want […]

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Apr 26 2008

What Opponents of Merit Selection Get Wrong

In an op-ed in the Daily News, Merit Selection opponent Gerald McOscar reiterates some common misconceptions about Merit Selection. We thought we should answer his questions and correct his inaccuracies. Let’s start with his primary question, why Merit Selection for judges but not for other public officials. First, to be clear, the current legislative proposals […]

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Apr 22 2008

Missouri House Protects Judicial Selection From Partisan Politics

On April 17th, the Missouri state House rejected an effort to radically revise the state’s “Missouri Plan,” which has served as a model for Merit Selection of judges in 30 other states. Proposed changes to the plan would have eliminated the nonpartisan nomination commission, and replaced it with a system controlled entirely by the governor […]

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