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Jul 17 2012

Texas Primary: Pointing Fingers

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According to the Texas Tribune, Texas Supreme Court elections are already becoming heated.  Former district court judge, John Devine is running against eight-year incumbent Justice David Medina in a Republican runoff election. John Devine has taken a grass roots approach to the election.  Justice David Medina has the support of Republican elected officials, and he […]

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Aug 08 2011

Tennessee lawyers, business organizations agree: Keep Merit Selection!

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When it comes to judicial elections, trial lawyers and big business are almost always on opposite sides. In Tennessee, though, the two groups are uniting to oppose a shift away from merit selection for the state’s high court. Tennessee’s constitution mandates that state judges “shall be elected by the qualified voters of this state.” While the state Supreme Court […]

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Dec 10 2009

Arguing About Money and Judicial Elections in Illinois

Illinois joins Pennsylvania in that small group of states that elect all judges in partisan elections. It’s no suprise, then, that some judges in Illinois are engaging in an argument similar to one the Pennsylvania Supreme Court candidates had during the recent election. They are arguing about the role of money in elections and the […]

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Dec 02 2009

The Trouble with Money

Sometimes, even good intentions and good ideas don’t actually add up to be all that good.  Take the pledge made by the campaign of Arkansas Appeals Court Judge Karen Baker who is now running for a seat on her state’s Supreme Court.  The ArkansasTimes reports on its blog that Judge Baker “won’t accept campaign contributions […]

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Dec 01 2009

Fighting about Recusal Rules in Michigan

In the wake of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Caperton v. Massey, many states decided to review their rules governing recusal.  Michigan  last week formally issued a new recusal rule that includes a provision empowering the entire Supreme Court to review and overrule the refusal of one of the justices to recuse. Our […]

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Nov 16 2009

Some Worrisome News from Wisconsin

The Appeals Court panel considering the charges of judicial misconduct filed against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman for a misleading election ad has recommended that the charges against him be dismissed.  The question will now go to Justice Gableman’s colleagues on the state Supreme Court for final resolution.  Gavel Grab has a good summary […]

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Sep 29 2009

Sounding a Warning in Missouri

An editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch echoes a warning sounded by Missouri Chief Justice William Ray Price, Jr. last week to the Missouri Bar Association.  Chief Justice Price urged the assembled lawyers to work to maintain the independence of the judiciary.  Without such a defense, he argued: [T]he judicial branch of government quickly could […]

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Sep 17 2009

PA Gets Good News All the Way from Alaska

Pennsylvanians are working to bring reform to their judicial selection process. A state on the other side of the continent won a resounding victory defending merit selection. A recent suit brought in federal court in Alaska had alleged that the state’s non-partisan, merit-based judicial selection procedure violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment […]

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Sep 14 2009

“Restoring Public Trust in Impartial Justice”

An editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal urges that Merit Selection is the solution to the increasingly expensive and divisive judicial elections the state has been experiencing.  Although Wisconsin currently uses a system of nonpartisan elections, the editorial notes that well-financed third parties have become heavily involved in state judicial elections and that recent First […]

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Sep 03 2009

Which Bob is That?

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Jack Betts at This Old State offers a quick peek at next year’s judicial elections in North Carolina.  He notes that “N.C. Court of Appeals Judge Bob Hunter is announcing his plans today to run for the N.C. Supreme Court next year.”  What’s interesting is that he has to further identify the candidate: There may […]

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