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Aug 02 2011

Birmingham News urges Alabama to enforce law limiting judicial campaign contributions, consider merit selection

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Saturday’s edition of the Birmingham News featured an editorial urging Alabama to enforce its sixteen-year-old law regulating judicial campaign contributions. The law requires that judges recuse themselves from cases in which a party or their lawyer donated $2000 or more to the judge’s campaign ($4000 for appellate judges). However, the law has not been enforced […]

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Jun 24 2011

NC Bar Disapproves of Attempts to Return to Partisan Judicial Races

Incoming president of the N.C. Bar Association, Martin Brinkley, shared with Citizen-Times that halting legislation intended to return NC to a partisan judicial election system is a priority for the NC Bar. In his interview, Brinkley said, “Being a judge shouldn’t have anything to do with politics…It ought to do with deciding cases on the […]

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Jan 31 2011

Fight Resumes Over Tennessee Judicial Selection

The perennial fight over selection of appellate judges in Tennessee is back on, according to an opinion piece published in The Tennessean on 1/30. In “Judge-selection system in state instills trust,” Dwight Lewis explains how the state’s Merit Selection system works, and notes support for the plan from former Tennessee Supreme Court justice, and newly inaugurated […]

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Jan 25 2011

Judicial Politics on The National Stage

One reason why we advocate for a change in the way Pennsylvania selects its appellate court judges is to relieve some of the political pressure on judges and justices. The duties of judges distinguish them from officials in executive or legislative positions. Politicians are supposed to act on behalf of their constituents, and are expected to […]

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Jan 05 2011

Politics And The Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Monday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reprints a commentary from the Legal Intelligencer, looking at how the politics of our Supreme Court justices could influence the outcome if the Court is called upon to weigh in on redistricting in the upcoming legislative session. “There is little question,” according to the piece, “that the courts — federal and state […]

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Oct 06 2009

Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Judges

Well, let’s clarify that. You should vote on November 3rd, and you should do as much research as possible about the candidates for the seven appellate-level court seats up for grabs this year. We even offer information about the candidates on our website here.   But that is because we have to work with the system […]

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Aug 18 2008

Why One Kansas Voter Prefers Merit Selection

Cristina Janney, the news director of the Newton Kansan, has written a column about the upcoming judicial elections and retention elections. Some Kansas counties use elections and some use Merit Selection to pick their judges. Janney explains why she would choose Merit Selection: I have lived in counties that have used both processes, and I […]

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Jul 30 2008

Donation Dilemma Dogs Judicial Candidates

An article about campaign financing in a state legislative race raises ethical issues that echo concerns about judicial campaigns. Candidate Todd Stephens is a Montgomery County assistant district attorney. His opponent’s campaign charges that Stephens is accepting campaign donations from defense attorneys and law firms whose clients he’s scheduled to prosecute. Shira Goodman, associate director […]

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Jul 18 2008

Losing Faith in Wisconsin

In a poignant letter published in the Leader-Telegram, one Wisconsin voter describes how disillusioned recent judicial elections have left him: cheap essay The last two state Supreme Court races have destroyed the respect I once had [for the judicial branch]. These races are by law supposed to be nonpartisan, but these last two races have […]

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Jul 15 2008

Morning Call Columnist Supports Merit Selection

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Donald Hoffman, a freelance columnist, has written a thoughtful piece in the Allentown Morning Call on the need for reform and improvement throughout Pennsylvania’s state government. He’s included a concise summary of the advantages of Merit Selection: original essay writing service Every judicial election, voters choose judges who’ve maneuvered the path of partisan politics but […]

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