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Jul 20 2012

Election Season Mishaps

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Election season brings campaign mishaps, and judicial elections are no exception. Recently, three judges, two from Ohio and one from Texas, have been accused of violating campaign laws.   Ohio Common Pleas Court candidate, Judge Kathryn Michael, was fined for accepting an improper campaign donation from her ex-husband and for improper wording on her campaign […]

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Feb 22 2012

"No Money from Nobody"

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That’s buy adobe photoshop cs6 the tag line for one of the candidates in Ohio’s Democratic primary for the chance to challenge incumbent Supreme Court Justice Robert Cupp.  According to the, both Democrats believe the Ohio Supreme Court has  “a trust problem.”  Candidate William O’Neill, a former appeals court judge, says “‘Money and judges […]

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Apr 29 2011

Party Politics Mar Ohio Judicial Primary

In Miamisburg, Ohio, the race to replace retiring municipal Judge Robert Messham is getting ugly. Partisan bickering and accusations of misconduct are making headlines. The twist? The candidates are both on the same side, at least politically. Candidates Robert Rettich and John Kolberg are locked in an increasingly messy squabble over the Republican nomination. The Dayton Daily News explains […]

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Aug 26 2010

"An Intelligent, Apolitical, Public Discussion"

An editorial in the Youngstown News (Ohio) calls for a meaningful public dialogue about whether to change to Merit Selection.  Citing the recent New Politics of Judicial Elections report, the editorial observes: The issue of money and the courts is not new. . . . But the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that threw open […]

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Jun 25 2010

Something's Rotten in the State of Ohio

This is a big judicial election year for Ohio, and trouble is brewing already. Like Pennsylvania, Ohio limits the political and fundraising activities of judicial candidates.  But the Columbus Dispatch reports that the candidates for  Chief Justice are trading allegations of unethical campaign conduct. The Republican Party alleges that Chief Justice Eric Brown improperly solicited […]

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Oct 13 2009

Ohio’s Chief Justice Pushes for Change

In our neighboring state of Ohio, Supreme Court justices are elected into office.  And with the Supreme Court making as many important decisions affecting political matters as it does, reports the Dayton Daily News, the design of the system itself creates a problem: Some court observers say bias is inevitable when justices are elected by […]

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Aug 17 2009

The Money is “Corrosive”

Ohio Chief Justice Thomas Moyer spoke out strongly against the poisonous influence of money in judicial elections during a recent address to the Columbus Metropolitan Club.  Dispatch Politics, a division of the Columbus Dispatch, reports that Chief Justice Moyer urged: “‘We must reduce the role of fundraising in judicial campaigns . . . It’s corrosive.’” […]

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Feb 09 2009

Ohio Lawyer Speaks Out: Merit Selection is the Way

In a letter to the Columbus Dispatch, an Ohio lawyer describes his disillusionment with the current system of electing judges and his belief in the need for serious reform: [T]he election of judges does not serve our state, citizenry or the judicial process. I have no concern as to the political affiliation of judges if […]

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Jan 22 2009

Ohio Changes Rule on Announcing Political Affiliation

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Just last month, we reported that the Ohio Supreme Court amended the rules governing judicial conduct to permit judicial candidates to announce their political affiliations to the voters. Well, the Court has now reversed course and reinstated the rule barring judicial candidates from announcing their political affiliation after the primary election. According to the Cleveland […]

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Dec 31 2008

Out in the Open in Ohio

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Yesterday, the Ohio Supreme Court changed one of the rules governing its judicial elections.  According to an Associated Press report on, judicial candidates may now make public their political party affiliations.  The rule change is part of a new Code of Judicial Conduct going into effect March 1, 2009.  There had been a ban […]

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