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Dec 12 2011

Talking About Whether There’s a Better Way

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Recently, we reported that a debate was held in Minnesota about whether to change the way judges are selected.  Now, we’re reading that similar debates are being held and questions raised about judicial selection in Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  While each of these states is different and has its own unique no prescription viagra experiences […]

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Dec 05 2011

Minnesota: Debate on changing the way judges are selected

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A panel will meet December 6 in Afton, Minnesota, to debate whether the state should change the way it selects judges, according to a post on the Minnesota Senate Distrcit 57 GOP’s website. nasal polyps natural treatment A Constitutional amendment bill has recently been submitted to Minnesota’s legislature that would replace Minnesota’s contested judicial elections […]

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Aug 18 2011

An Important Step

The Chaska (MN) Herald today announced a public debate between two state leaders about whether to change the way judges are selected.  State Representatives Mike Beard and State Senator Julianne Ortman, both Republicans, have different views on the subject.  Beard, who favors replacing elections with an appointment and retention election system, argues “Minnesotans take their […]

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Nov 19 2010

Talking (and Yelling) About Judicial Selection Reform in Minnesota

Over at, Eric Black offers a review of a forum held yesterday on whether to change Minnesota’s judicial selection system from elections to Merit Selection.  Black notes that the forum got a little heated as the participants offered their views: how to get your ex back That was the topic of a lively panel […]

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Nov 14 2008

Asking Important Questions in Minnesota

A column in the Minnesota Daily offers an assessment of the recent elections and challenges readers to think about whether changing from electing judges to a Merit Selection system makes sense. The author notes that despite the large number of ballots cast in Minnesota, many people did not vote in the judicial elections: “Essentially, more […]

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Oct 20 2008

Tales from the Minnesota Campaign Trail

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It’s not a judicial election year in Pennsylvania, but many other states are electing judges this fall.  Two stories from Minnesota illustrate some of the problems inherent in electing judges. We’ve long pointed out that judicial elections often turn on random factors like ballot position, name recognition and fundraising ability rather than demonstrated skill, qualifications […]

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Jun 30 2008

Impartiality Of Judges A Concern In Minnesota

As the Pioneer Press explains in an editorial about interim judicial appointees, Minnesota judges “usually take office via a gubernatorial appointment, but then must win re-election to stay in office. This makes it a unique office, out of the flow of daily partisan politics but subject to being sucked in at any moment.” The editorial […]

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Jun 26 2008

Minnesota’s New Chief Justice Warns of Nasty Elections

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Even one nasty judicial election would have lasting negative consequences, warns Minnesota’s new chief justice, Eric J. Magnuson. Our citizens trust our judicial system but what happens when you have even one big, nasty, highly-politicized judicial election concerns me greatly,” he said. ”Perceptions of fairness, equity and access I think will be dramatically undermined if […]

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Jun 24 2008

Minnesota Worried That Judicial Elections Will Be Getting Worse

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Minnesota is bracing itself for increasingly negative and expensive judicial elections. Tapped by the State Bar Association to be the Chairman of the Judicial Election Campaign Conduct Committee, attorney David Stowman will try to prevent the elections from turning ugly and partisan. wrap yourself slim body wraps exposed Stowman points out that judicial elections should […]

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May 14 2008

Exposing Myths About Merit Selection

As the campaign for Merit Selection progresses, we hear some inaccurate arguments repeated by those who oppose Merit Selection. In an effort to set the record straight, we’ll reveal the truth and clear up these myths. oem software downloads Myth #5: All Merit Selection Systems Are the Same Someone once said there as many different […]

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