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Jun 27 2011

PMC’s Lynn Marks Promotes Merit Selection in Interview with

In response to recent criticism that financial support from George Soros is an attempt to “stack the courts,” Executive Director Lynn Marks affirmed the virtue of merit selection in an interview with “Merit selection would end the money race and get judges out of the fundraising business.” Marks further critiqued judicial elections’ emphasis on […]

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May 17 2011

Politics in the Judicial Primary

Recently, an AP article looked at various positions at stake in Tuesday’s primary election, making note of difference in candidates, issues, endorsements, and money that has been raised. Sadly, political issues are playing an ever growing role in judicial elections. An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer explains that this is due in part to a […]

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Feb 25 2011

Judges Work for the People

In an op-ed in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, PMC’s Lynn Marks and Shira Goodman argue that in the wake of the Luzerne County scandal, there remains a fundamental question for Pennsylvania to answer: help with essay What does it mean to be a judge?The answer should be simple: A judge is a public servant sworn to […]

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Feb 18 2011

Take Back Our Courthouses

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PMC issued the following press release following the announcement of the jury’s verdict in the federal corruption trial of former Luzerne County judge Mark Ciavarella: Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts (PMC), reacting to the federal jury’s verdict in the trial of former Luzerne County judge Mark Ciavarella, urged the public to “Take back our courthouses.” Executive […]

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Nov 30 2010

The Role of Retention Elections

Yesterday the Legal Intelligencer published an editorial written by PMC about retention elections. Executive director Lynn Marks and deputy director Shira Goodman discuss the difficulties raised for retention elections by the ouster of three Iowa Supreme Court Justices, as well as the appropriate role for retention elections going forward.  Despite the money and partisan campaigning […]

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Jun 29 2010

"Feel Like They're Getting a Fair Shake in Court"

Lynn Marks, PMC’s executive director, joined the moderator of Pennsylvania Newsmakers, Terry Madonna, on Sunday to discuss Merit Selection and the need for judicial selection reform in Pa. Marks outlined some of the problems inherent in judicial elections: Just think of yourself in court and then you start wondering, ‘Gee I wonder if Terry made […]

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Jun 25 2010

PMC on Newsmakers to Discuss Merit Selection

PMC’s Lynn Marks appears on this week’s Newsmakers with Terry Madonna to discuss Merit Selection of appellate court judges. The show follows PMC’s recent release of a public opinion poll demonstrating widespread support for Merit Selection and an overwhelming desire to have the issue put to a public referendum. buy cheap cialis online Here is […]

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Apr 23 2010

Smart Talk Focuses on Merit Selection

This morning at 9:30 PMC Executive Director Lynn Marks will appear on WITF’s Smart Talk (89.5 and 93.33 FM Harrisburg)  to discuss Merit Selection and the Governor’s call for the legislature to move the legislation. Passage by the legislature is only the make money online first step in the lengthy constitutional amendment process.  If the […]

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Apr 22 2010

Pennsylvania is Talking About Merit Selection

Yesterday’s call by Governor Rendell for the legislature to pass the pending Merit Selection bills has got Pennsylvania talking.  An editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News shares the Governor’s sense of urgency to pass the legislation and argues: “Imagine if judges didn’t have to rely on the kindness of ward leaders, or the luck of […]

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Mar 21 2010

“One of the Drawbacks to Elected Judges”

KYW 1060 reported on the American Judicature Society report on the degree of overlap between contributors to the campaigns of Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices and those appearing before those justices in Court. The news report quoted PMC’s Lynn Marks explaining that although the report does not draw any conclusions about whether the contributions influenced judicial […]

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