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Jul 08 2011

Public Distrust in Judiciary a Cause for Concern

The recent events in Wisconsin have everyone talking, and no one should like what the public has to say: it has lost respect for and trust in the judiciary. Public faith in the courts is the very basis of our justice system. When allegations of physical altercations arise and enormous amounts of judicial campaign spending […]

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Jun 22 2011

Recent blog article questions significance of study on Florida Supreme Court

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Judicial retention elections are a vital part of both Pennsylvania’s current system and merit selection, the system favored by Judges on Merit. Through them, the people make their voice heard. However, it’s important to remember that though we have the power to remove judges, we ought to wield it wisely, evaluating our judges based on […]

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Feb 03 2011

Judicial Elections Threaten Judicial Independence

In the most recent edition of the Duquesne Law Review, Pennsylvanians For Modern Courts makes the case that partisan election of judges “creates special challenges to the ability of judges to achieve and maintain judicial independence.” Deputy Director Shira J. Goodman, Executive Director Lynn A. Marks, and pro bono attorney David Caroline collaborated on the […]

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Dec 15 2010

Michigan Task Force on Court Reform

Dawson Bell at the Detroit Free Press announced that a year-long task force will be launched to examine failings with Michigan’s judicial selection process and make recommendations for reform. The 24-member task force will be comprised of veteran judges, lawyers, and judicial activists, and it will be led by Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Marilyn […]

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Dec 09 2010

The Importance of Judicial Independence

Over at What About Clients?, JD Hull is again questioning the practice of electing judges. Stating that electing state judges is “beneath all Americans,” Hull looks to Alexis de Tocqueville to provide an opinion from history that elected judges threaten judicial independence. In 1831, Tocqueville described his concerns about electing members of the judiciary: penis […]

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Dec 08 2010

The Role of Judges

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An editorial in the Des Moines Register criticizes governor-elect Terry Branstad for suggesting that new justices on the Iowa Supreme Court should follow the will of voters who recently ousted three justices. text your ex back Looking at Branstad’s comments on the court’s gay marriage decision and the future of the court, the editorial describes […]

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Nov 10 2010

When Justice is a Business

In an article appearing on, Katherine A. Helm takes an interesting approach to examining state judicial selection processes by doing so in the context of the United States Supreme Court and a new John Grisham novel. forex trading online Helm looks at U.S. Supreme Court decisions that have divided along the party lines of […]

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Oct 22 2010

“The Farcical Exercise” – Judicial Elections Around the Country

Over at Gavel Grab, Peter Hardin takes a look at various judicial elections and ballot initiatives happening around the country. In doing so, Hardin provides examples of the weaknesses inherent in judicial elections. In Georgia, the Secretary of State is looking at the possibility that a candidate for the state supreme court may have violated […]

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Oct 19 2010

Special Interests “Chip Away” at Impartial Courts

An editorial in USA Today focuses on the threat special interest groups pose to judicial independence and asserts that these groups have “chipped away at impartial justice.” It looks at the increase in campaign expenditures during the past decade in comparison with expenditures in the 1990s and sees special interest groups: “ensuring they’ll win in […]

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Oct 18 2010

Money Threatens Judicial Independence

Roderick M. Hills at the Huffington Post believes that there is a threat to the independence of state judiciaries and that merit selection offers the best solution. His post discusses some of the dangers created by the increasing amounts of money involved in judicial elections, noting that judicial independence is threatened when judges become fundraisers. […]

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