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Nov 01 2011

"Cash Hitting the Scales of Justice"

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An editorial in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette decries the growing problem of money in judicial elections that was reported in The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2009-2010: Lady Justice is often depicted blindfolded to signify that outside influence does not tip the scales she holds to weigh the truth. Unfortunately, the scales are being tipped by […]

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Feb 17 2010

What Wisconsin can learn from Pennsylvania

Wisconsin can learn the perils of partisanship in judicial elections from PA. Like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin still elects its appellate judges. Unlike the Keystone State, however, judicial candidates in Wisconsin do not run in partisan elections, that is, there is no “(R)” or “(D)” next to candidates’ names on ballots. This is an important distinction. PA […]

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Jan 04 2010

Clear Evidence for Judicial Selection Reform

The Philadelphia Inquirer today called for judicial selection reform, arguing that “The case for reforming the way Pennsylvania selects its judges keeps getting stronger.”  Citing PMC’s analysis of the fundraising and spending in the 2009 Supreme Court election, the editorial focuses on the poisonous role of money in judicial elections: It’s the troubling influence of […]

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Dec 22 2009

New Records May Be Set by 2009 PA Supreme Court Election

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts today announced that the 2009 Supreme Court election between Republican Joan Orie Melvin (the winning candidate) and Democrat Jack Panella is likely to set new fundraising and spending records.  The final numbers are not yet in, as candidates can continue to raise funds until the end of the year.  But we […]

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Nov 09 2009

"There Must be a Better Way to Choose Appellate Judges"

The editorial board of the Reading Eagle makes a strong case to move to Merit Selection of judges in an editorial published today. The paper cites the record amount raised to date by Judge Jack Panella ($2.35 million), and that the total raised by both campaigns is expected to total over $4 million by the […]

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Nov 03 2009

Supreme Court Election Sets New Fundraising Records

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Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts broke the news earlier today that the current Supreme Court race has set a new fundraising record. Judge Jack Panella has raised at least $2,350,633 to date. This edges out the previous record set in 2007 by now Justice Seamus McCaffery. See the Press Release here. You can find the candidates’ finance […]

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Nov 03 2009

Covered in Mud

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We’ve been reporting (see, e.g, this post, and this one, and this one) about the increasingly nasty tone of the Supreme Court contest between Joan Orie Melvin and Jack Panella. A highlight has been the negative ads aired by each candidate.  Some have charged the candidates with airing misleading ads.  In fact, the candidates have […]

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Oct 30 2009

Where is the Public Value in Electing Judges?

Peter Decoursey, Capitol Wire Bureau Chief, asks (subscription required) “Where’s the Public Value” in the current Supreme Court Election.  After discussing the traditional low voter turn-out for judicial elections and the difficulty voters have in getting information relevant to deciding who should serve on the bench, Decoursey concludes: So you have an election for this […]

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Oct 30 2009

Don’t Elect Statewide Judges

John Baer of the Philadelphia Daily News argued in his column earlier this week that: “THE NASTY RACE for state Supreme Court is making yet another strong case for not electing statewide judges.” Baer notes that the recent dispute between Supreme Court candidates Jack Panella and Joan Orie Melvin over campaign contributions and their current […]

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Oct 29 2009

Paper Refuses to Make Judicial Endorsements — Backs Merit Selection Instead

An editorial in the Times-Tribune (Scranton) makes the case for replacing judicial elections with Merit Selection for the appellate courts.  Exhibit A is the current partisan — and in the last few days nasty — race between Republican Joan Orie Melvin and Democrat Jack Panella for the vacancy on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Judge Orie […]

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