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Oct 23 2012

Select on Merit, Don’t Elect on Money

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A recent editorial in the Daily Journal (Tupelo) explains that an independent judiciary should not have to campaign for contributions. Although the candidates for the Mississippi State Court election are all “honorable members of the canadian pharmacy legal profession,” the fact that they have to raise money for their viagra order campaign is unsettling. The […]

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Aug 08 2011

Tennessee lawyers, business organizations agree: Keep Merit Selection!

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When it comes to judicial elections, trial lawyers and big business are almost always on opposite sides. In Tennessee, though, the two groups are uniting to oppose a shift away from merit selection for the state’s high court. Tennessee’s constitution mandates that state judges “shall be elected by the qualified voters of this state.” While the state Supreme Court […]

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Jul 14 2011

Count Phil Hands among those calling for change

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The recent fracas on the Wisconsin Supreme Court has given cartoonist Phil Hands plenty of material for his political cartoons. However, even he isn’t happy with his muse. In yesterday’s edition of the Wisconsin State-Journal, in “Clowns on the Court” (with cartoon, found here) he criticizes the partisan divide on the court, writing “The court […]

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Jul 08 2011

Public Distrust in Judiciary a Cause for Concern

The recent events in Wisconsin have everyone talking, and no one should like what the public has to say: it has lost respect for and trust in the judiciary. Public faith in the courts is the very basis of our justice system. When allegations of physical altercations arise and enormous amounts of judicial campaign spending […]

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Jun 22 2011

Recent blog article questions significance of study on Florida Supreme Court

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Judicial retention elections are a vital part of both Pennsylvania’s current system and merit selection, the system favored by Judges on Merit. Through them, the people make their voice heard. However, it’s important to remember that though we have the power to remove judges, we ought to wield it wisely, evaluating our judges based on […]

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Dec 23 2010

An Attempt to Restore Trust in the Courts

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An article in the Traverse City Record-Eagle provides some more details about the newly formed Michigan Judicial Selection Task Force which will examine the need for judicial reform. The task force will be comprised of twenty-four distinguished Michigan citizens, including but not limited to lawyers. The task force is being organized in part by the […]

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Dec 21 2010

San Antonio Editorial Board is Looking for a Change

The editorial board at the San Antonio Express-News is calling for a change in Texas’s judicial selection. Texas currently uses partisan elections to select judges, but the editorial board believes that politics and money play too large a role in the process. In addition to worrying about politicizing the judiciary, the editorial condemns the fact […]

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Dec 14 2010

Looking for a Change

An editorial in the Daily Advance explains that the North Carolina Bar Association believes that the state needs a better method of selecting judges, and the editorial board agrees. The Bar Association’s president-elect explains that there are two reasons for what is perceived to be a decline in the judiciary. First, some of the best […]

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Dec 03 2010

The Role of Retention Elections and the Public

An article in the Des Moines Register announces that Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins still believes that Merit Selection is best way to pick judges. Refusing to “second guess” the recent election in which three Iowa Supreme Court justices were ousted, Wiggins declared that it was time for the court to move on. […]

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Nov 30 2010

A Call for a Change in Judicial Conduct

Recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer ran a letter to the editor written by PMC’s executive director and deputy director. The letter came in response to an article describing the fact that judges in Pennsylvania legally can, and do, accept gifts from lawyers and businesses that might later appear in court. The rules allow the acceptance of […]

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