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Jul 15 2011

New article looks at the ethical implications of lawyers’ donations to judges campaigns

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Gavel Grab features a review of an article written by Professor Keith Swisher of the Phoenix School of Law. Swisher’s piece, published in the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, looks at the ethical implication of the widespread practice of lawyers contributing to judicial campaigns. essays on abortion Swisher concludes that campaign contributions do affect case […]

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Jun 22 2011

Recent blog article questions significance of study on Florida Supreme Court

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Judicial retention elections are a vital part of both Pennsylvania’s current system and merit selection, the system favored by Judges on Merit. Through them, the people make their voice heard. However, it’s important to remember that though we have the power to remove judges, we ought to wield it wisely, evaluating our judges based on […]

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Dec 17 2010

Increasing Transparency in Judicial Selection

Peter Hardin at Gavel Grab reports that for the first time Iowa will make interviews of state Supreme Court candidates available to the public through a live stream on the internet. The Des Moines Register announced this change along with the commission’s plan to interview applicants the week of January 24. Iowa uses a merit […]

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Oct 28 2010

Expensive Judicial Elections Create the Perception of “Tainted Justice”

Over at Gavel Grab, Peter Hardin draws attention to the costly judicial elections underway in Alabama. Noting that Alabama has the most expensive Supreme Court elections in the country, Hardin examines an editorial that appeared in the Press-Register criticizing judicial elections. The editorial opens with a strong critique of judicial elections in Alabama: “As long […]

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Oct 22 2010

“The Farcical Exercise” – Judicial Elections Around the Country

Over at Gavel Grab, Peter Hardin takes a look at various judicial elections and ballot initiatives happening around the country. In doing so, Hardin provides examples of the weaknesses inherent in judicial elections. In Georgia, the Secretary of State is looking at the possibility that a candidate for the state supreme court may have violated […]

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Oct 11 2010

Judicial campaign spending is on the rise

Over at Gavel Grab, Peter Hardin notes the growing trend of expensive judicial elections. buy cheap cialis online This trend is in part due to an increased expenditure on television ads. Referring to information contained in a news release complied by the Brennan Center for Justice and the Justice at Stake Campaign, Hardin explains that […]

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Apr 22 2010

Pennsylvania is Talking About Merit Selection

Yesterday’s call by Governor Rendell for the legislature to pass the pending Merit Selection bills has got Pennsylvania talking.  An editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News shares the Governor’s sense of urgency to pass the legislation and argues: “Imagine if judges didn’t have to rely on the kindness of ward leaders, or the luck of […]

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Feb 17 2010

What Wisconsin can learn from Pennsylvania

Wisconsin can learn the perils of partisanship in judicial elections from PA. Like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin still elects its appellate judges. Unlike the Keystone State, however, judicial candidates in Wisconsin do not run in partisan elections, that is, there is no “(R)” or “(D)” next to candidates’ names on ballots. This is an important distinction. PA […]

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Dec 21 2009

Merck Stays Out of Judicial Campaign Contribution Game

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Some friends in the corporate world share our concerns about the role of money in judicial elections. Merck VP, Charles R. Grezlak, told the Center for Political Accountability, a nonprofit group working towards greater transparency in political spending, that the pharmaceutical company would no longer make donations to state supreme court candidates. Merck’s decision came […]

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Dec 09 2009

Media Summary of Merit Selection Hearing

Bills: House Bill 1619 and House Bill 1621 News and Press: Philadelphia Inquirer: House urged to end election of Pa. judges, Amy Worden. Lynn Marks quoted. WHYY: Pa. having doubts on wisdom of electing judges, Scott Detrow. Robert Heim, PMC Chairman, quoted. PR Newswire: Governor Rendell Endorses Judicial Merit Selection Reform Bill Capitolwire (Subscription Required): […]

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