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Jul 17 2012

Texas Primary: Pointing Fingers

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According to the Texas Tribune, Texas Supreme Court elections are already becoming heated.  Former district court judge, John Devine is running against eight-year incumbent Justice David Medina in a Republican runoff election. John Devine has taken a grass roots approach to the election.  Justice David Medina has the support of Republican elected officials, and he […]

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Mar 14 2011

Uncertain Future for Nevada Judicial Ethics Commission

If a recent hearing is any indication, the Nevada Supreme Court is about to allow the state’s judges and judicial candidates to “take the gloves off” when campaigning for a seat on the bench. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “[j]ustices seemed to favor lifting the restrictions, which prohibit judicial candidates both in what they […]

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Feb 25 2011

Judges Work for the People

In an op-ed in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, PMC’s Lynn Marks and Shira Goodman argue that in the wake of the Luzerne County scandal, there remains a fundamental question for Pennsylvania to answer: help with essay What does it mean to be a judge?The answer should be simple: A judge is a public servant sworn to […]

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Dec 03 2010

Money: the Cause of a Perception Deficit

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The following is a guest post from Sekou Campbell, an associate at Fox Rothschild LLP in Philadelphia. get your ex back reverse mortgage lenders The O’Jays craftily described the power of money in their classic “For the Love of Money,” where they swoon, “money will make you…do things, do things, bad things for it.” In […]

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Jul 30 2008

Donation Dilemma Dogs Judicial Candidates

An article about campaign financing in a state legislative race raises ethical issues that echo concerns about judicial campaigns. Candidate Todd Stephens is a Montgomery County assistant district attorney. His opponent’s campaign charges that Stephens is accepting campaign donations from defense attorneys and law firms whose clients he’s scheduled to prosecute. Shira Goodman, associate director […]

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May 29 2008

West Virginia: The Scandal Continues

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The problems caused in West Virginia by one company’s contributions to judicial election campaigns continue to plague the state. Now, even though one of the Justices involved lost his reelection bid, there is an effort to have a case involving that contributor reexamined, with a focus on whether another Justice should have recused from the […]

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May 16 2008

"The Poisonous Effect of Money on Justice"

In a May 6th editorial, the Austin American-Statesman discussed a Texas Supreme Court ruling in favor of builder Bob Perry, who had donated thousands of dollars to the campaigns of every justice on the court. The paper concluded that “it is impossible not to be cynical about the poisonous effect of money on justice.” When […]

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Apr 15 2008

“We Put Cash in the Courtrooms”

“We put cash in the courtrooms and it’s just wrong.” This is how former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor opened last week’s conference at Fordham Law School studying the judiciary and the courts. Justice O’Connor has neatly summed up the problem with using partisan elections to select appellate judges. This system requires would-be judges […]

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Apr 05 2008

Setting the Record Straight — What the Wall Street Journal Got Wrong

There’s been a lot of chatter about a recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal criticizing those calling for Merit Selection of state judges. The editorial opened with a discussion of John Grisham’s new novel The Appeal, a story about a big corporation trying to influence the outcome of a case by contributing to a […]

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Mar 12 2008

More Outrage Over Political Tactics In Wisconsin Elections

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Political watchdog site kicks off its new Court Watch series by taking a look at the race for a Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin. The report examines some of the inflammatory and misleading claims in campaign materials and third-party advertising. It’s an eye-opening look at what happens when judgeships are treated like any other […]

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