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Jun 08 2012

Lawyers' Contributions to Judicial Campaigns All Too Common

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A San Antonio Express-News article explains just how frequently lawyers contribute to judicial election campaigns.  Picture this: a group of probate attorneys gathering together in order to discuss the re-election of a probate judge while drinking scotch and beer.  The probate judge, Tom Rickhoff, stops by with a list of attorneys who could potentially contribute money to his re-election […]

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Jul 20 2011

Wisconsin’s Badger Herald supports merit selection

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Yesterday, the Badger Herald came out in support of State Senators Cullen and Schultz’s effort to bring merit selection to the the state of Wisconsin. In a spirited editorial, they criticize Wisconsin’s most recent judicial election, which turned into a referendum on Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union bill, declaring “The influence of outside groups on the elections, be it Wisconsin Manufacturers […]

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Jun 28 2011

Supreme Court Strikes Down Matching Funds For Public Financing

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On Monday, a sharply divided Supreme Court voted to strike down the “matching funds” provision of the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Act. The provision provided additional funding to publicly financed candidates who were outspent by privately financed opponents and special interest groups. In the opinion, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, the five justice majority […]

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Jun 24 2011

NC Bar Disapproves of Attempts to Return to Partisan Judicial Races

Incoming president of the N.C. Bar Association, Martin Brinkley, shared with Citizen-Times that halting legislation intended to return NC to a partisan judicial election system is a priority for the NC Bar. In his interview, Brinkley said, “Being a judge shouldn’t have anything to do with politics…It ought to do with deciding cases on the […]

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Jun 01 2011

Are Judicial Elections Really More Transparent?

In a May 26th opinion piece published in the Washington Post, Professor Chris Bonneau makes the argument that elections are the best way to select judges. In the course of dismissing the evidence that judicial elections undermine public confidence in the impartiality and integrity of the judiciary, Bonneau makes an argument that we’ve seen repeated over […]

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Mar 14 2011

Uncertain Future for Nevada Judicial Ethics Commission

If a recent hearing is any indication, the Nevada Supreme Court is about to allow the state’s judges and judicial candidates to “take the gloves off” when campaigning for a seat on the bench. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “[j]ustices seemed to favor lifting the restrictions, which prohibit judicial candidates both in what they […]

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Jan 14 2011

A Different Kind of Money Problem in Tennessee

Something interesting is happening in Tennessee – where the Merit Selection system for choosing judges is again under fire.  The Times Free Press reports (hat tip to American Courthouse) that two sitting Supreme Court justices contributed to the Senate campaign of the opponent of a state representative who was vocal about wanting to change the […]

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Oct 20 2009

Partisan Mudslinging Reaches PA Judicial Campaign

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Everyone knows how dirty election advertising can be. Negative campaign ads are easy to spot – with the clichéd black and white low-angle images of the opposing candidate, dramatic fade-ins of damning headlines, and music that would make Alfred Hitchcock proud. Mudslinging and negative campaigning is used at all levels of politics and by both […]

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Oct 06 2009

Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Judges

Well, let’s clarify that. You should vote on November 3rd, and you should do as much research as possible about the candidates for the seven appellate-level court seats up for grabs this year. We even offer information about the candidates on our website here.   But that is because we have to work with the system […]

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May 20 2009

The Morning After Brings A Call for Reform

John Baer, columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, greets the day after election day with this question: “Time to end electing judges?”  Answering his own question, Baer argues: It has been long my contention that electing judges, especially statewide, is a joke. It strikes me even more so today. Pennsylvanians are filling six appellate judgeships […]

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