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Aug 26 2008

A Letter That Didn’t Make It Into the Wall Street Journal

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Last week, we wrote about the Wall Street Journal’s August 14th editorial criticizing Merit Selection. Although the Journal did publish several letters in response (including letters from the American Bar Association and Justice At Stake), unfortunately the letter submitted by PMC Board Chair Bob Heim and PMCAction Board Chair Bob Fiebach was not among them. […]

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Aug 19 2008

Merit Selection — A Fair Process that Brings Us Good Judges

Merit Selection is a favorite target of those who worry that a process that removes money from judicial selection and weakens the role of political parties will keep the critics’ preferred candidates from reaching the bench. And once again, the Wall Street Journal criticizes Merit Selection in a thinly veiled call for more politically conservative […]

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May 07 2008

Leaders of PMC and PMCAction Take on Merit Selection Opponent

In a joint letter to the Philadelphia Daily News, PMC Board Chair Bob Heim and PMCAction Board Chair Bob Fiebach respond to a critic of Merit Selection. In an earlier post, we pointed out the critic’s fundamental misunderstanding of Merit Selection and unreasonable fear of letting the voters decide the best way to choose appellate […]

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