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Dec 20 2011

Judicial Campaign Soliciation Raises Concern

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Paul Carpenter’s commentary in the Allentown Morning Call highlights a major problem inherent in electing judges — the money problem.  Carpenter focuses on reactions to a recent post-campaign solicitation on behalf of Judge-elect Doug Reichley.  In Pennsylvania, judicial campaigns can continue to raise funds following the election, but only for a limited time.  This prompted […]

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May 03 2010

The Problem is Obvious

how to get your ex girlfriend back Paul Carpenter of the Allentown Morning Call devoted his weekend column to a call for Merit Selection.  He reasons that the role of money in the judicial election process poisons the judicial system: The problem should be obvious to anyone. A child in grade school can see why […]

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Nov 05 2009

A Call for Voters to Demand Merit Selection of Appellate Court Judges

Paul Carpenter of the Allentown Morning Call urges Pennsylvania voters to demand reform in the wake of this week’s judicial elections. Carpenter decries the tight control by the two major political parties over the judicial election process.  He also identifies the critical issue of money in judicial elections: I am. . .  troubled by the […]

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Oct 27 2009

Let’s Talk About Money

All of a sudden, other people seem to be doing our work for us, that is alerting the public to the evils of money in judicial elections.  Supreme Court candidates are challenging each other about campaign contributions, and the media is all over the story.  (Check out this story on NPR’s WHYY and articles in the Pittsburgh […]

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Aug 13 2009

Some Strong Words for the Pennsylvania Judicial System

Paul Capenter of the Allentown Morning Call devoted yesterday’s column to a recap of the judicial scandals in Luzerne County.  Carpenter has strong words for the Pennsylvania judicial system and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in particular: The appellate system is a comedy routine over which presides the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which, among its other scandals, […]

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May 26 2009

Look Who’s Talking About Reform

John Micek of the Allentown Morning Call and author of the Capitol Ideas blog offers a post-election look at the debate over whether we should continue to elect judges in Pennsylvania. He notes that there is a growing sense that the current election system is not working. Micek notes that the lack of information available […]

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May 21 2009

Another Call for Merit Selection

Bill White of the Allentown Morning Call, writing a post-election wrap-up, reiterates his belief that Pennsylvania should use Merit Selection to choose appellate court judges.  He reasons that most voters have little or no information to guide them in making decisions about who should sit on the appellate courts and that political party endorsements play […]

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Apr 27 2009

Judges and Campaign Contributors

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The Allentown Morning Call, analyzing how often local judges end up presiding in cases involving campaign contributors, found that “[o]ut of seven judges examined, only one was found to have no cases involving significant donors.”  This review looked at the parties involved in civil cases, but did not include donations from lawyers or law firms.  […]

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Apr 09 2009

Pennsylvania Needs A Better Way

In a blog post about the Pennsylvania courts, Allentown Morning Call columnist Bill White notes that our system for selecting appellate court judges doesn’t make any sense.  He had harsh words for the electoral process: [J]udges are selected by voters who have no clue about their credentials and . . . the best way to […]

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Mar 09 2009

Morning Call Urges Merit Selection

An editorial in the Allentown Morning Call, inspired by the judicial scandal in Luzerne County, urges Pennsylvania to adopt a Merit Selection system.  The Luzerne scandal, which continues to broaden in scope, involves two state court judges pleading guilty to federal charges related to their allegedly receiving kickbacks for referring juvenile defendants to a particular […]

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