Jan 18 2013

Contact Info for Senate Judiciary Committee

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2013 Session

Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee about Merit Selection. They are:

Greenleaf, Stewart J. , Chair, 19 EW (email)
Rafferty, John C., Jr., Vice Chair, 20 EW (email)
Leach, Daylin , Minority Chair, 184 MCB
Scarnati, Joseph B., III, ex-officio, 292 MCB (email)


Majority Minority
Alloway, Richard L., II, 187 MCB (email)
Eichelberger, John H., Jr., 460 MCB (email)
Gordner, John R., 351 MCB (email)
Pileggi, Dominic, 350 MCB (email)
Vulakovich, Randy, 362 MCB (email)
Yaw, Gene, 457 MCB (email)
Boscola, Lisa M., 458 MCB  (email)
Farnese, Jr., Lawrence M., 543 MCB
Fontana, Wayne D., 543 MCB (email)
Stack, Michael J., 543 MCB (email)

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