Apr 17 2015

Contact Info for House Judiciary Committee

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2015 Session

Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee about Merit Selection. They are:

Majority (Room 315J MCB)

Minority (Room 220 Irvis)
Marsico, Ron, Chair, 315J MCB (email)
Stephens, Todd, Secretary, 4A EW (email)
Grell, Glen R., Subcommittee Chair on Courts, 314C MCB (email)
Krieger, Tim,  Subcommittee Chair on Crime & Corrections, B11 MCB (email)
Vereb, Mike,  Subcommittee Chair on Family Law, 400 Irvis (email)
Petrarca Joseph A., Democratic Chair, 220 Irvis (email)
Miller, Dan L., Democratic Secretary, 116A EW (email)
Briggs, Tim, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Courts, 105B EW (email)
Costa, Dom, Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Crime & Corrections, 217 Irvis (email)
Neuman, Brandon P., Subcommittee Democratic Chair on Family Law, 225 Irvis (email)

Cox, Jim
, 210 Ryan (
Delozier, Sheryl M., 159B EW (email)
Everett, Garth D., 430 Irvis (email)

Hackett, Joseph T., 406 Irvis (email)
Jozwiak, Barry J., 402 Irvis (email)
Keller, Mark K., 5 EW (email)
Nesbit, Tedd C. 121A EW (email)
Regan, Mike, 412 Irvis (email)
Saccone, Rick, 6B EW (email)
Toepel, Marcy, 405 Irvis (email)
Toohil, Tarah, 409 Irvis (email)

Barbin, Bryan
, 4 EW (email)
Bizzarro, Ryan A., 27B EW (email)
Davis, Tina M., G14 Irvis (email)
Dean, Madeleine, 102B EW (email)
Mullery, Gerald J., 120 Irvis (email)
Rozzi, Mark, 103B EW (email)

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  1. Marlena Kleit says:

    I support merit selection for all appellate judges in Pennsylvania and urge you to do so also.

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