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Feb 27 2013

Harsh Reality

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In the wake of the criminal conviction of suspended state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, a column on offered an idea for an Orie reality show set on a Pennsylvania prison cellblock. The story is definitely surreal – three powerful sisters scheming and toiling to move up the Pennsylvania political food chain only to suffer […]

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Feb 22 2013

Philadelphia Daily News Agrees: Justice Orie Melvin Conviction Highlights Need for Reform

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Yesterday, a jury convicted Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin of six out of the seven charges that had been brought against her. The campaign corruption charges related to the misuse of court resources in her 2003 and 2009 campaigns for the Supreme Court. buy cuban cigars online This is a dark hour for […]

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Feb 20 2013

Sharp Competition in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin is known for cheese, but the amount of cheddar rolling into the Wisconsin Supreme Court elections is crazy. It’s no secret that the money pouring into judicial elections across the country is breaking records. The 2012 judicial election cycle marked a banner season for spending, and states with off-year elections aren’t about to buck the […]

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Feb 12 2013

Legislation in Indiana, South Dakota would refine Merit Selection systems

South Dakota and Indiana may change the composition of their Merit Selection commissions in coming days, buy viagra canadian pharmacy if legislation introduced in both states continues to move forward. Currently, Indiana’s nominating commission comprised of the Chief Justice, 3 nonattorneys (one from each Court of Appeals district) picked by the governor, and 3 attorneys […]

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Feb 07 2013

Change Pennsylvania Needs: Merit Selection

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According to an article in Region’s Business (Philadelphia Edition), a recent bipartisan bill sponsored by Senator Anthony H. Williams (D-Philadelphia) and Richard Alloway (R-Franklin) seeks to end judicial elections and implement merit selection. The proposed bill would replace elections with a commission of buy viagra uk fifteen members. The commission would choose the most qualified candidates […]

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Feb 01 2013

Kansas: Move against Merit Selection passes Senate, proceeds to House

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The Kansas state senate has approved a proposed change to how Kansas judges are elected, according to articles published in the Topeka, Kansas Capital Journal and Wichita, Kansas Eagle. We’ve discussed the movement in the Kansas legislature to try to abandon the Merit Selection system currently in place in the state in favor of a […]

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