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Nov 28 2012

Don’t Hate the Player. Hate the Game.

Texas selects its judges via partisan judicial elections, and Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett acknowledges that there are problems with this system. “Hate the game, don’t hate the player,” he said. “Our imperfect system requires judicial candidates to put on their game face, get over their delicate sensibilities, and run unabashedly the way Texas […]

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Nov 21 2012

A Closer Look at Judicial Election Campaigns

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Judges are increasingly forced to raise huge amounts of money for state judicial elections.  A recent New York Times editorial focuses on these judicial campaigns across the country. According to the the Brennan Center for Justice and Justice at Stake, more than canadian pharmacy $28 million was spent on television advertisements in state supreme court […]

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Nov 16 2012

The Name Game

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Last week’s Ohio Supreme Court elections held some surprises. William O’Neill and Sharon Kennedy displaced two incumbent justices in Tuesday’s election, and the Toledo Blade thinks that the shakeup makes a compelling case for merit selection. The editorial argues that O’Neill and Kennedy won by riding a wave of name recognition all the way to […]

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Nov 14 2012

Money Undermines Impartiality

“The explosion of campaign cash in judicial elections has led citizens to doubt whether judges can be impartial. Every litigant — regardless of wealth or power — is supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law. But this principle is less true with each passing judicial election.” USA Today took a money spent […]

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Nov 09 2012

Who Paid for Those Ads?

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Now that the storm has subsided, it’s time to take stock of the damage. No, not Hurricane Sandy. I’m referring to the staggering amount of political spending that propelled this year’s judicial elections. Sixteen states spent almost $28 million on TV advertising in Supreme Court races. Finalized fundraising totals for these races won’t be available […]

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Nov 07 2012

Press Release Details National Judicial Election Results

National Merit Selection Coalition partner Justice at Stake issued the following press release today:   Judicial Election TV Spending Sets New Record, Yet Voters Reject Campaigns to Politicize the Judiciary Contact: Seth Hoy, Brennan Center for Justice,, (646) 292-8369 Eeva Moore, Justice at Stake,, (202) 588-9462 For Immediate Release WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 7, […]

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Nov 05 2012

A Crumbling Cornerstone

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On the eve of this year’s election when you’re inundated with political ads and robocalls, take a minute to ask yourself why YouTube sensations like “Bronco Bama Girl” are more popular (and have more name recognition) than most of the candidates running for office. What is it about elections that we find so tiresome? Is […]

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