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Dec 29 2011

Judicial Elections Are Not the Way

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An editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer uses the case of a Philadelphia Traffic Court as evidence of the problems inherent in electing judges.  Traffic Court Judge Willie Singletary is in trouble, and as the editorial points out, it’s not the first time. Judge Singletary, who was already sentenced to a reprimand and probation by the […]

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Dec 24 2011

Questions About Campaign Contributions in Illinois

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An Illinois judge is being scrutinized for her acceptance of campaign contributions from three law firms shortly after assigning them favorable trial dates in the asbestos case calendar.  As The Telegraph reports, Judge Barbara Crowder was removed from presiding over those cases after news of the donations became public, and now Madison County Board Chair […]

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Dec 20 2011

Judicial Campaign Soliciation Raises Concern

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Paul Carpenter’s commentary in the Allentown Morning Call highlights a major problem inherent in electing judges — the money problem.  Carpenter focuses on reactions to a recent post-campaign solicitation on behalf of Judge-elect Doug Reichley.  In Pennsylvania, judicial campaigns can continue to raise funds following the election, but only for a limited time.  This prompted […]

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Dec 16 2011

"Campaign Cash Finds its Way to the Courtroom"

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That’s the tile of an op-ed by two of our our partners — Justice at Stake’s Bert Brandenburg and the Brennan Center’s Adam Skaggs — in Reuters.  It explores  the growing problems caused by campaign contributions in judicial elections.  The authors recount the increasing costs of judicial elections, the source of the funding, and the […]

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Dec 14 2011

The Benefits of a Nominating Commission

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As we noted earlier this week, there is some talk in Virginia of changing the way judges are selected. Currently, they are appointed by the legislature.  An editorial in the approves of the Lieutenant Governor’s proposal to use a commission-based appointment system and outlines the benefits of nominating commissions: Judges should not be politicians. […]

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Dec 12 2011

Talking About Whether There’s a Better Way

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Recently, we reported that a debate was held in Minnesota about whether to change the way judges are selected.  Now, we’re reading that similar debates are being held and questions raised about judicial selection in Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin.  While each of these states is different and has its own unique no prescription viagra experiences […]

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Dec 07 2011

Voting for candidates, or voting for a name?

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A recent article in the Texas Tribune discusses the potential in statewide judicial elections for candidates to be selected based on criteria no less superficial than the ethnic indicia a name provides. how to work from home The article, titled “The Cues Voters Use to Elect Unknown Candidates,” argues that “voters choose dozens of important […]

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Dec 05 2011

Minnesota: Debate on changing the way judges are selected

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A panel will meet December 6 in Afton, Minnesota, to debate whether the state should change the way it selects judges, according to a post on the Minnesota Senate Distrcit 57 GOP’s website. nasal polyps natural treatment A Constitutional amendment bill has recently been submitted to Minnesota’s legislature that would replace Minnesota’s contested judicial elections […]

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