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Nov 30 2011

Judge Pierson-Tracey Admonished for Campaign Flyer

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We blogged over the summer about Marion Superior Court Judge Rebekah Pierson-Tracey, who came under scrutiny and was subjected to public outcry for a re-election campaign flyer that appeared to equate financial donations with favorable rulings – suggesting campaign contributions of $150 for ‘Sustained’, $250 for ‘Affirmed’, $500 for ‘So Ordered’, and $1,000 for ‘Favorable Ruling’. […]

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Nov 28 2011

What is Recusal Really For?

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In a thoughtful piece in the Huffington Post, Lisa McElroy and Amanda Frost explore the issue of recusal. The context is the Proposition 8 case in California and claims that the presiding judge should have recused because of his sexual orientation. The article’s central premise gets to the heart of what recusal is really for, […]

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Nov 21 2011

Chicago Tribune: "If we can’t take money out of politics, we can try to take the judiciary out of politics."

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The Chicago Tribune has written a strong endorsement of Merit Selection in a recent editorial. The editorial tracks the odyssey of Justice Lloyd Karmeier of the Illinois Supreme Court, who has had lawsuits filed against him for failing to recuse himself during litigation against the State Farm insurance company, WHICH contributed substantial sums of money […]

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Nov 15 2011

"That’s the way it’s done in Pennsylvania"

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An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer outlines the several ethical quandaries of Thomas Nocella, who was elected to the Common Pleas Court Judgeship this past election. The article says that Uk propecia sales Nocella credits his connections with Philadelphia Democratic Party boss U.S. Rep Bob Brady, and Brady’s influence with the ward leaders, for getting […]

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Nov 14 2011

Lancaster Intelligencer Journal Endorses Merit Selection

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In a recent editorial, the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal has come out strongly in support of Merit Selection and present efforts in the Pennsylvania legislature that seek to establish Merit Selection in our state. The editorial challenges its readers to see if they can remember the judges they voted for last week.  As noted by the […]

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Nov 11 2011

CitizenVox on Judicial Election Spending

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In a recent CitizenVox post, Sean Siperstein discusses the recent Brennan Center and Justice at Stake report, The New Politics of Judicial Elections: 2009-2010, and how the Citizens United decision has changed the playing field of judicial politics, such that “a flood of special-interest money has increasingly politicized what the Framers envisioned as our least […]

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Nov 09 2011

Election Roundup

In the lead up to yesterday’s election, discussion increased concerning the effect of money on the judicial races, and whether Pennsylvanians were being served by the most qualified judges, or simply the best-connected ones. how to enlarge penile length naturally A Philadelphia Daily News article pointed out that despite the guidance of judicial retention recommendations […]

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Nov 08 2011

Today is Election Day — Don’t Forget to Vote

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symptoms of diabetes t’s election day, and there are many important Generic viagra made in india judicial elections on the ballot. Although we don’t think elections are the best way to choose judges, as long as this is the system in place, we urge voters to educate themselves and go to the polls.  You can […]

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Nov 07 2011

State House to Consider Merit Selection Legislation

PMC and PMCAction are pleased to announce that the House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on Merit Selection on November 17 from 1:30-3:30 pm in Philadelphia.  The hearing will address the pending Merit Selection legislation, H.B. 1815 and H.B. 1816. This hearing is an important step in the constitutional amendment process, a process […]

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Nov 04 2011

Inquirer Poll: How Do you Decide Who to Vote for in Judicial Elections?

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The Philadelphia Inquirer wants to know how you decide who to vote for in judicial elections.  So, they’ve created an on-line poll.  They offer four options: home remedy for genital herpes I just look at their political party. I look at bar association ratings. I pick the familiar-sounding name. No clue as to any of […]

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