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Oct 31 2011

Campaign Contributions: Hot Issue In Pennsylvania Superior Court Race

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In the last weeks of the Pennsylvania judicial election season, campaign contributions in the Superior Court race are becoming the focus of more scrutiny.  A big donation from The Committee for a Better Tomorrow, the political action committee of the Philadelphia Trial LawyersAssociation to Democrat David Wecht is at issue.  The Allentown Morning Call reports […]

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Oct 27 2011

New Report Finds PA Continues to Lead the Nation in Costly Judicial Elections

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Today, the Justice at Stake Campaign, the Brennan Center for Justice and the National Institute on Money in State Politics released “The New Politics of Judicial Elections, 2009-2010.”  The Report chronicles spending during the 2009-2010 judicial election cycle across the nation, and finds that Pennsylvania’s 2009 Supreme Court race was second in cost only to […]

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Oct 25 2011

"Thank Heavens for No Judicial Elections"

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That’s the title of an editorial in the Connecticut Law Tribune.  The editorial discusses the problems inherent in judicial elections, including “the twin evils” of campaign cash and retribution for unpopular opinions. It then moves on to discuss the recent Wisconsin elections, highly politicized, expensive and divisive.  The editorial notes that the role of judges […]

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Oct 21 2011

Judicial Election Update

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The contestants for the vacant Commonwealth Court judgeship, Republican Anne Covey and Democrat Kathryn Boockvar, met in a forum at the Widener School of Law on Thursday to discuss their candidacies and why they each should be the voters’ preferred choice. how to make a solar panel essays on writing Labor law and regulation of […]

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Oct 17 2011

The contenders in the approaching judicial elections, and the need for independence

An article in the Allentown Morning Call outlines the candidates in the upcoming Pennsylvania appellate judicial elections, and how each is vying for voter attention. The article supplies some resources for voters to learn more about each candidate’s qualifications, including the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Judicial Evaluation Commission, which is a “group of lawyers and non-lawyers […]

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Oct 17 2011

Why Are We Still Electing Judges?

This is the question our friends at What About Clients ask today.  In a nutshell, JD Hull explains that judicial elections: penis growth send bad-smelling messages to all clients, all Americans, and the entire world about the nature of justice in America: (1) Judges have “constituents”; and (2) Justice here is “for sale”. analytical essay […]

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Oct 11 2011

Proctor and Gamble discloses $40,000 contribution

According to a article, Proctor and Gamble has now disclosed that it has given $40,000 in donations to a political group that backs two Ohio Supreme Court Candidates, despite statements the corporation had previously made that corporate funds are not used to support electioneering. Proctor and Gamble told shareholders in an August proxy statement […]

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Oct 07 2011

Break the Link Between Judges and Campaign Cash

A Philadelphia Inquirer editorial criticizing the recent “request” by the Philadelphia Democratic Party for $10,000 contributions from judges standing for retention this year, strongly condemns the electoral system.  “By approaching sitting judges for campaign contributions, party officials are engaging in what the state’s longtime court-reform group, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, calls “a prime example of […]

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Oct 05 2011

PMC and Justice At Stake Weigh in on Philadelphia Retention Controversy

In a letter published in the Philadelphia Inquirer, PMC and Justice At Stake argue that when political parties demand “contributions” from sitting judges for support in retention elections, the whole purpose of retention elections has been undermined.  The letter responds to a report that the Philadelphia Democratic Party has requested $10,000 “contributions” from judges standing […]

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Oct 03 2011

Daily News in support of Merit Selection: “Money and politics don’t belong near the bench”

On the heels of the recent news that the Democratic Party requested $10,000 donations from each of 27 judges in order to guarantee party support in the upcoming retention elections, the pitfalls inherent in electing judges have come into sharp relief, and the need for a different system of judicial selection has become even more […]

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