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Mar 31 2011

“Dirty Politics” in Wisconsin Judicial Election

Wisconsin’s S where buy cigarettes online upreme Court race attracted attention over the weekend because of an ad attacking one of the candidates. The commercial, created by a third party, implies that the candidate (acting as a district attorney thirty years ago) ignored allegations that a priest was sexually abusing children. The candidate portrayed in […]

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Mar 28 2011

Public Campaign Financing In The Hands of the High Court

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Today, the Supreme Court heard argument in two cases that could affect the future of public financing plans in states that use them to combat the influence of campaign fundraising on judicial elections. According to SCOTUSBlog, the prospects for Arizona’s Citizens Clean Elections Act don’t look particularly good: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who definitely seems to […]

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Mar 23 2011

Public Financing Challenge at The Supreme Court

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On Monday, 3/28, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments in McComish v. Bennett, a case that challenges a portion of Arizona’s Citizens Clean Elections Act. The ruling could have serious consequences for states that use public financing to allow elected judges to run for the bench without having to raise campaign funds. The challenged […]

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Mar 21 2011

Merit Bills Introduced in PA Senate

Pennsylvania State Senator Jane Earll (R-Erie) has introduced two bills that would move Pennsylvania toward Merit Selection of appellate judges. Senate Bill 843 would amend the state Constitution to allow Merit Selection of appellate judges. Senate Bill 842 would modify state law to create the necessary implementing procedures. Both measures were referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. […]

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Mar 17 2011

The Role of Bingo Balls in Upcoming Elections

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The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News report that ballot positions have been selected for upcoming Philadelphia elections. The races affected by the drawing of positions include city council, city commission, register of wills, sheriff, Traffic Court judge, Municipal Court judge, and Common Pleas Court judge. Ballot positions were chosen by picking numbered bingo balls […]

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Mar 16 2011

Partisan Politics Already Dominating Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Despite their ostensibly nonpartisan structure, recent elections for the Wisconsin Supreme Court have proven as bitter and heated as any political contest in memory. When then-Justice Louis Butler ran for re-election in 2008, he was defeated by challenger Michael Gableman, who led a multi-million dollar smear campaign that distorted Butler’s record. This year’s contest, which […]

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Mar 14 2011

Uncertain Future for Nevada Judicial Ethics Commission

If a recent hearing is any indication, the Nevada Supreme Court is about to allow the state’s judges and judicial candidates to “take the gloves off” when campaigning for a seat on the bench. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “[j]ustices seemed to favor lifting the restrictions, which prohibit judicial candidates both in what they […]

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Mar 11 2011

Politics in Play in a Non-Partisan Election

An article in the Waukesha Patch explains that the race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court is shaping up as a political contest. Redistricting has emerged as an issue in the race in the Wisconsin race. For Pennsylvanians, this echoes the 2009 Pennsylvania Supreme Court race. Wisconsin is preparing to redraw legislative districts […]

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Mar 10 2011

Political Upheaval Disrupts Texas Judiciary

A recent editorial in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram points out how the winds of politics have affected cases pending before the state’s elected judges. Political momentum has shifted back and forth between the two major parties in recent election years. As a result, “many of the 1.7 million cases pending in Texas courts were disrupted: […]

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Mar 03 2011

Both women, both from Bucks, too confusing for voters?

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that with two Bucks County women endorsed as candidates for the open Commonwealth Court seat, voters will have to consider more than geography and gender when casting their votes. Republicans have endorsed Bucks County lawyer Anne Covey, and Democrats have endorsed Bucks County lawyer Kathryn Boockvar. write my paper Unless a […]

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