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Aug 26 2010

"An Intelligent, Apolitical, Public Discussion"

An editorial in the Youngstown News (Ohio) calls for a meaningful public dialogue about whether to change to Merit Selection.  Citing the recent New Politics of Judicial Elections report, the editorial observes: The issue of money and the courts is not new. . . . But the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that threw open […]

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Aug 24 2010

Pennsylvanians Shouldn't Have to Wait Anymore

An editorial in the Reading Eagle urges that it’s time to give Pennsylvanians the opportunity to vote on Merit Selection.   In a review of the report The New Politics of Judicial Selection, the editorial opens with these key points: The Issue: A study reveals what we already knew: Judicial elections are becoming more expensive. Our […]

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Aug 23 2010

Independence at Risk

An editorial in the Scranton Times-Tribune blasts judicial elections and the political money games they have become: Judges are supposed to represent only the law. Yet in Pennsylvania judicial candidates seek the favor and, increasingly, the money of politically interested individuals and organizations. It’s not quite clear how a nonpartisan judiciary is supposed to spring […]

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Aug 19 2010

"The River of Money"

An editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer identifies a major problem with judicial elections: money.  Citing the recent Report by Justice At Stake, the Brennan Center for Justice and the Institute on Money in State Politics, the editorial observes: When it comes to spending money to elect state Supreme Court justices, Pennsylvania is No. 1.Unfortunately, this […]

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Aug 17 2010

Ohio paper: "Time to bring gavel down on judicial elections"

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The editorial board at the Toledo Blade is calling for the state to end judicial elections after a recent ruling issued by the Ohio Supreme Court that laid down new rules for judicial campaigns. According to the ruling, judicial candidates in the state can now advertise their political party loyalties and may also directly solicit […]

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Aug 16 2010

New Report on Judicial Elections: Things are Getting Worse

Today, PMC partners Justice At Stake, the Brennan Center for Justice and the National Institute on Money in State Politics issued a new report analyzing the last decade of judicial elections entitled “The New Politics of Judicial Elections: 2000-2009.” Pennsylvania is prominently featured in the Report, which examines the explosion in fundraising and spending in […]

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Aug 13 2010

New Iowa group to defend state's merit selection

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A new non-profit bipartisan group called Iowans for Fair & Impartial Courts has formed to defend Iowa’s court system against campaigns attempting to unseat three Iowa Supreme Court Justices in upcoming retention elections. The group will advocate for Iowa’s current judicial system of merit selection, which helps take judges out of the business of politics […]

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Aug 10 2010

Like Alabama, PA shouldn't have to "squint" to see justice

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“Justice is not blind in Alabama,” writes John Archibald in the Birmingham News, “But Alabama has to squint to see justice.” He continues: Alabama’s Supreme Court justices have been bought and sold for years, by trial lawyers on one side and big business on the other. Every four years we turn judges into money-raising, ideology-spitting […]

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Aug 09 2010

Chief Justice against judicial elections

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Castille recently told the Pennsylvania Prothonotaries’ and Clerks of Courts’ Association that there is no reason for these positions to be elected. “The way I see it, it should be a professional person’s job, and they should be answerable to the court system.” The remark sparked an article in […]

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Aug 04 2010

Missouri to keep Merit Selection

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Missouri will keep their merit selection system for selecting judges after a petition aimed at replacing the merit system with competitive partisan elections failed to get enough signatures to be placed on the November ballot. Ken Morley, an adviser to the Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts Action Fund, a group that fought the petition, […]

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