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Nov 25 2009

Merit Selection Hearing Scheduled for December 7

Good news from the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts: a hearing on the Merit Selection legislation will be held in Harrisburg, Monday December 7 from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm in the Irvis Building, Room G-650.  We thank Subcommittee Chair Don Walko for scheduling the hearing, as well as House sponsors Matt Smith (D, […]

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Nov 24 2009

Lady Justice is nonpartisan, but the PA court elections are not

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In an excellent op-ed piece in yesterday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, PA Supreme Court Justice Debra Todd contends that just as Lady Justice is Nonpartisan, so too are the justices of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court immune from partisan politics when ruling from the bench. We agree with Justice Todd that partisan politics should have no place in […]

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Nov 20 2009

In times of widespread corruption, we must call for reform

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Like night follows day, scandals in Harrisburg are followed by cries for reform. This time, though, cries are coming from an unusual place: the governor’s office. So begins an op-ed published in today’s Daily News. The piece recaps the Governor’s call for reform, which includes a change to merit selection of judges. What’s perhaps unusual […]

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Nov 18 2009

Breaking: Rendell announces support of Merit Selection at press conference

Reports are coming in from the press conference held by Governor Ed Rendell. From the Harrisburg Patriot-News: The governor, speaking on the heels of last week’s fresh wave of corruption charges lodged against former legislative leaders, bemoaned the fact a “broken system” has undermined some of his policy goals and caused other accomplishments to be […]

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Nov 18 2009

Governor Rendell Calls for Merit Selection of Judges

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell began a 3-month tour of the state in which he is calling for sweeping changes, intended to overhaul the notoriously broken political process in the state.  Appropriately, the Governor began his education campaign in Luzerne County, where judicial corruption of an unprecedented scale has damaged the public’s confidence in government at […]

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Nov 17 2009

"We Need Merit Selection"

In a letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Charlotte Glauser argues that “Pennsylvanian’s judicial system is broken.”  According to Glauser: As long as we continue the partisan election of judges, we deserve the poor quality of our judiciary. The time is long past to get rid of this system. Both parties are guilty of prolonging this […]

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Nov 16 2009

Some Worrisome News from Wisconsin

The Appeals Court panel considering the charges of judicial misconduct filed against Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman for a misleading election ad has recommended that the charges against him be dismissed.  The question will now go to Justice Gableman’s colleagues on the state Supreme Court for final resolution.  Gavel Grab has a good summary […]

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Nov 13 2009

Superior Court Vote Recount is On

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Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro Cortes announced today that the first ever statewide vote recount will be held to determine the winners for Superior Court. According to a press release available on Capitol Wire: Act 97 of 2004 provides that any statewide race or ballot question where the margin of victory was less than one-half […]

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Nov 13 2009

Voter education is not enough stop the impact of money on elected judges

The Harrisburg Patriot-Times, which recently ran our opinion piece in support of merit selection, published a letter yesterday in which the author questioned whether merit selection of judges is any better than electing them. While we thank the author for mentioning the work we do to educate voters, we feel obliged to make clear that […]

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Nov 11 2009

Runoff election for 4th Superior Court seat? One candidate will decide.

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The Associated Press reported that a runoff election for the 4th seat on the state Superior Court could begin this coming Monday, unless one of the three trailing candidates, Temp Smith, waives his right to the recount by tomorrow. oem software cheap State law provides that an automatic recount is triggered if any candidate trails […]

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