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May 28 2009

Talking About Merit Selection in the Blogosphere

In the wake of the recent Pennsylvania judicial primary elections, the issue of Merit Selection has become a hot topic for Pennsylvania bloggers.  The World According to Tony Polombo offers an interesting assessment on some of the problems with judicial elections, focusing particularly on the lack of relevant information available to voters about the candidates: […]

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May 27 2009

“Merit Selection is the Right Choice”

An editorial in the  Wisconsin State Journal urges the adoption of Merit Selection in the face of increasing concerns about the role of money in judicial elections and the pressure on judges to state their opinions during judicial campaigns.  In fact, there is now a pending recusal motion based on a Supreme Court justice’s campaign […]

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May 26 2009

Look Who’s Talking About Reform

John Micek of the Allentown Morning Call and author of the Capitol Ideas blog offers a post-election look at the debate over whether we should continue to elect judges in Pennsylvania. He notes that there is a growing sense that the current election system is not working. Micek notes that the lack of information available […]

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May 21 2009

Another Call for Merit Selection

Bill White of the Allentown Morning Call, writing a post-election wrap-up, reiterates his belief that Pennsylvania should use Merit Selection to choose appellate court judges.  He reasons that most voters have little or no information to guide them in making decisions about who should sit on the appellate courts and that political party endorsements play […]

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May 20 2009

The Morning After Brings A Call for Reform

John Baer, columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, greets the day after election day with this question: “Time to end electing judges?”  Answering his own question, Baer argues: It has been long my contention that electing judges, especially statewide, is a joke. It strikes me even more so today. Pennsylvanians are filling six appellate judgeships […]

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May 18 2009

On Eve of Election, Endorsements for Merit Selection

On the eve of judicial elections, the Philadelphia Daily News has endorsed. . .  a different way of picking judges — for policy and practical reasons: WE WOULD like to maintain that we’re not participating in judicial endorsements because we believe judges should be selected on their merits instead of their campaign war chests and […]

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May 15 2009

Will Concerns About Judicial Integrity Affect the Pennsylvania Judicial Elections?

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The Philadelphia Inquirer sets the stage for the election to fill a Supreme Court vacancy by citing comments the candidates’ made during the debate PMC cosponsored last week with the League of Women Voters of PA and the Harrisburg Area Community College: Public perception of the judiciary has again emerged as a central issue in […]

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May 14 2009

2012 Official Countdown To December 21, 2012

Last night, PMC Executive Director Lynn Marks was interviewed on Philadelphia 2012 Official Countdown To December 21, 2012 ‘s Fox 29 about the upcoming judicial elections.  Introducing the story, reporter Bruce Gordon explained that Pennsylvania is one of just six states that elects all judges in partisan elections and noted the “system is all too […]

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May 12 2009

Justice O’Connor Has Strong Word for Judicial Elections

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Former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor minced no words in describing her opinion about judicial elections to the American Bar Association Journal: “They’re awful. I hate them.” Justice O’Connor’s comments came in an interview following her remarks to the ABA’s Summit on Fair and Impartial Courts. During those remarks, she warned: “The […]

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May 11 2009

Election Season Leads Inquirer To Call for Merit Selection

In its editorial announcing endorsements for the local courts in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Inquirer notes that this year’s elections once again make the case for changing to Merit Selection: When voters size up the 33 candidates seeking nomination for 11 Philadelphia judgeships in the May 19 primary, they may well apply the usual uninformed criteria […]

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