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Jan 30 2009

Sandra Day O’Connor: Merit Selection is the Way

Speaking at the Economic Club of Phoenix, retired United States Suprem Method To Back Ur Ex Wife e Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor made clear that electing judges does not work and that Merit Selection is the way to go.  As Knowledge@W.P.Carey reports, Justice O’Connor offered this assessment of the recusal question presented in Caperton v. […]

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Jan 28 2009

Merit Selection is Right for Wisconsin

An editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal lauds Merit Selection as the solution to the state’s broken electoral system: The State Journal editorial board has strongly favored replacing Wisconsin’s disgraceful high court election system with merit selection. Recent state Supreme Court elections have been so soiled by outlandish TV ads and subsequent ethics investigations that […]

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Jan 26 2009

Times-Tribune Calls for Merit Selection

In an editorial about the upcoming judicial elections in Pennsylvania, the Times-Tribune in Scranton points to the role of money in judicial campaigns as a major reason to change the way we select appellate judges: In order for courts to be effective, citizens must believe that judges truly are independent. Funding appellate campaigns through private […]

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Jan 23 2009

“Merit is Better than Mudslinging”

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An editorial in the Wisconsin State Journal argues that the state’s election system is not the best way to pick judges. In fact, the editorial calls the judicial election system “nasty and broken.” Anticipating another bitter election fight and misleading advertisements based on one candidate’s past employment as a public defender, the editorial predicts a […]

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Jan 22 2009

Ohio Changes Rule on Announcing Political Affiliation

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Just last month, we reported that the Ohio Supreme Court amended the rules governing judicial conduct to permit judicial candidates to announce their political affiliations to the voters. Well, the Court has now reversed course and reinstated the rule barring judicial candidates from announcing their political affiliation after the primary election. According to the Cleveland […]

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Jan 21 2009

Washington State Voters Think Merit Selection Sounds Good

Washington State University is reporting that its recent survey on judicial selection (conducted with the American Judicature Society) reveals that voters are dissatisified with the current electoral system and favor implementing a Merit Selection system.  The two elements that were most appealing about Merit Selection were the use of a nominating commission and the inclusion […]

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Jan 19 2009

Talking about Merit Selection in Indiana

Advance Indiana tips us off to an effort to expand Indiana’s Merit Selection system.  Indiana’s appellate judges are chosen by Merit Selection, but the county judges are selected in a variety of ways.  There is a move to make the Merit Selection system uniform throughout the state, for all judges. According to the report, the […]

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Jan 16 2009

Praise for Merit Selection Nominating Commissions

An editorial in the St. Louis Dispatch praises the work of judicial nominating commissions in Missouri and recommends that newly appointed commissioners — especially those who actively oppose Merit Selection — seek the advice of long-serving commissioners: Take Stephen F. Doss, for example. He’s a Republican businessman who is serving for the second time on […]

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Jan 15 2009

Michigan: Judicial Election System is Broken

An editorial in the Grand Rapids Press bemoans the current partisanship on Michigan’s Supreme Court and notes that combined with the expensive, partisan, divisive electoral system, this is reducing public confidence in the courts: The bruising November judicial election, which saw former Chief Justice Clifford Taylor ousted by then Wayne County Circuit Judge Diane Hathaway, […]

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Jan 13 2009

Mississippi: Is There A Better Way?

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An editorial in the Clarion Ledger asserts that Mississippi’s judicial election system has been undermining confidence in the judiciary: [T]his state’s judicial elections continue to demean the dignity of the court and to see voters manipulated by special interest groups seeking to hold sway over the judicial philosophies of the courts. Noting the very expensive […]

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