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Sep 30 2008

Calling for Merit Selection in Greene County, MO

The News-Leader in Springfield, MO, has come out in favor of Merit Selection for Greene County.  Describing the reasons the editorial board is supporting the change from partisan elections, the editorial first quotes a former local attorney: [T]he current partisan system for electing judges in Greene County just doesn’t feel right. . . .  ‘It […]

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Sep 29 2008

Pennsylvania Council of Churches Supports Merit Selection

The Pennsylvania Council of Churches supports Merit Selection of Pennsylvania’s appellate court judges. In written testimony submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee in connection with its recent hearings on Merit Selection legislation, the Pennsylvania Council of Churches explained: Our interest in the proposed system comes from our concern about the biblical principle of justice. Among […]

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Sep 26 2008

Candidate for Governor Proposes Changes to Missouri Plan

The Missouri Plan long has served as a model for other states seeking to design Merit Selection systems.  In recent years, there has been some conflict between the Governor and the nominating commission about the lists of recommended candidates.  This week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof proposed changing the composition of the nominating commission. An […]

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Sep 25 2008

A Call to Eliminate Judicial Elections in Lousiana

Louisiana, like Pennsylvania, is one of only six states that elects all of its judges in partisan elections.  The Shreveport Times editorialized this week in favor of eliminating elections and moving to a merit system, at least for local courts.  Although we are advocating for a change only at the appellate level in Pennsylvania, the […]

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Sep 24 2008

“There’s a better way,” says Senator Jane Earll

In the most recent Pennsylvania Senate Republican News podcast (September 19, 2008) State Senator Jane Earll voices her support for Merit Selection and explains that the September 16 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was important to “lay some groundwork so by the time that these pieces [Senate Bills 1324 and 1325] get reintroduced, people might have […]

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Sep 23 2008

The Meaning of Money: Caperton v. Massey

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This past weekend, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article addressed the concerns about the effect of large  contributions to judicial campaigns and the public perception that justice is for sale.  The context was the ongoing case involving West Virginina judicial elections, Caperton v. Massey, The case, which we have covered before, revolves around whether the Due Process […]

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Sep 21 2008

Philadelphia Inquirer: Merit Selection’s A Good Solution

In an editorial Saturday, the Philadelphia Inquirer praised Merit Selection as a good solution to the problems inherent in electing judges: What citizens already have decided about judicial elections is that they’re confusing at best, with legal qualifications playing a minimal role in who wins. At their worst, judicial elections are tainted by what Supreme […]

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Sep 18 2008

Watch Senate Hearing on Merit Selection on PCN

The Pennsylvania Cable Network, PCN, will be airing this week’s Senate Judicary Committee Hearing on Merit Selection on Friday September 19 at 3:25.  We will post additional airings as they are scheduled. For schedule and station information visit PCN. For our full coverage of the hearing, visit our earlier post and our Report on the […]

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Sep 18 2008

Governor Rendell Reaffirms Support for Merit Selection

Following the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on September 16, Governor Edward G. Rendell reaffirmed his long-standing support for Merit Selection of appellate judges.  In a press release issued by his office, Governor Rendell stated: Our system of electing appellate judges makes no sense at all. It takes a tremendous amount of time and money to […]

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Sep 18 2008

Coverage of the Senate Hearing

Folks are talking about Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Merit Selection.  The Legal Intelligencer ran a front page article about the hearing, quoting many who testified and noting that Senator Jane Earll plans to reintroduce the legislation in the new session beginning in January 2009. The Legal reported that Merit Selection supporters “argued that […]

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