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Jun 30 2008

Impartiality Of Judges A Concern In Minnesota

As the Pioneer Press explains in an editorial about interim judicial appointees, Minnesota judges “usually take office via a gubernatorial appointment, but then must win re-election to stay in office. This makes it a unique office, out of the flow of daily partisan politics but subject to being sucked in at any moment.” The editorial […]

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Jun 27 2008

More Worries in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is worried about reelection. The vote won’t be held until next year, but in the aftermath of the record-setting 2007 and 2008 Wisconsin judicial elections, she’s already lining up bipartisan support and trying to raise funds. Neatly summing up the problems with judicial elections, her fundraising committee wrote: […]

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Jun 26 2008

Minnesota’s New Chief Justice Warns of Nasty Elections

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Even one nasty judicial election would have lasting negative consequences, warns Minnesota’s new chief justice, Eric J. Magnuson. Our citizens trust our judicial system but what happens when you have even one big, nasty, highly-politicized judicial election concerns me greatly,” he said. ”Perceptions of fairness, equity and access I think will be dramatically undermined if […]

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Jun 25 2008

Voices Of Merit: Proud of the Missouri Plan

With a vacancy on Missouri’s Supreme Court, there is renewed criticism of the Missouri Plan, and talk in some circles about trying to get rid of the Plan and institute judicial elections. Check out Blue Girl’s post on Show Me Progress, which defends Missouri’s Merit Selection system. software downloads Highlighting the benefits of the state’s […]

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Jun 24 2008

Minnesota Worried That Judicial Elections Will Be Getting Worse

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Minnesota is bracing itself for increasingly negative and expensive judicial elections. Tapped by the State Bar Association to be the Chairman of the Judicial Election Campaign Conduct Committee, attorney David Stowman will try to prevent the elections from turning ugly and partisan. wrap yourself slim body wraps exposed Stowman points out that judicial elections should […]

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Jun 24 2008

Fighting for Merit in Kansas

A group called Johnson Countians for Justice is fighting to keep its Merit Selection system for selecting local judges. This fall, a ballot initiative will propose eliminating the Merit Selection system and replacing it with partisan elections. Johnson Countians for Justice recently held a press conference to highlight the importance of the issue and has […]

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Jun 23 2008

Don't Confuse the Interim Appointment Process with Merit Selection

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Late last week, Governor Rendell nominated a new slate to fill interim vacancies on Pennsylvania’s appellate courts. From early reports, it seems likely that the new slate — Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Jane Cutler Greenspan for the Supreme Court, Northampton County President Judge Robert A. Freedberg and McKean County President Judge John M. Cleland […]

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Jun 23 2008

Tennessee Governor: Improve, Don't Scrap, the Tennessee Plan

Merit Selection of judges in Tennessee involves a 3-part system of Merit Selection, judicial performance evaluation, and retention elections. Judges are nominated for gubernatorial appointment by a 17-member Judicial Selection Commission (14 lawyers and 3 non-lawyer citizens). Appellate judges stand for retention election every 8 years. google sniper The Tennessee Plan has been in place […]

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Jun 20 2008

Good Answers to Questions about Merit Selection

The Wisconsin State Journal has an excellent editorial answering readers’ comments about its recent endorsement of Merit Selection. The editorial addresses many of the recurring arguments and myths we hear from opponents of judicial selection reform. For example: url Q. Why do you want to take away our right to elect our justices? A: A […]

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Jun 18 2008

Support Merit Selection of Appellate Judges In Pennsylvania is a project of Pennsylvanians For Modern Courts and PMCAction. We believe that Merit Selection is a better way to choose Pennsylvania’s appellate judges. Merit Selection provides pathways to the appellate bench for candidates of diverse backgrounds who are experienced lawyers and jurists.  Qualifications and skills are the key factors in determining who reaches […]

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