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May 30 2008

Tell House Judiciary Committee Members We Want a Hearing!

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Calling all supporters of Merit Selection: We need your help! As you know, changing the way Pennsylvania selects its appellate judges is a lengthy process. Right now, to keep moving forward, HB 2488 needs to be heard in the Judiciary Committee. Please contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee. Ask them for a hearing […]

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May 30 2008

Setting the Philadelphia Public Record Straight

In their May 15th cover story about the effort to bring Merit Selection of appellate judges to Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Public Record rehashed the old argument that Merit Selection supporters are conspiring to take away the right to vote for appellate judges. In an effort to set the Record straight buy cheap viagra online , […]

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May 29 2008

West Virginia: The Scandal Continues

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The problems caused in West Virginia by one company’s contributions to judicial election campaigns continue to plague the state. Now, even though one of the Justices involved lost his reelection bid, there is an effort to have a case involving that contributor reexamined, with a focus on whether another Justice should have recused from the […]

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May 28 2008

Merit Selection Preserves Democratic Values

Merit Selection of appellate judges isn’t a partisan issue. Groups that care about good government and unbiased justice, from business groups like the Pennsylvania Business Council and the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association to civic groups like Common Cause and the American Civil Liberties Union, support Merit Selection as the best way to ensure a fair and […]

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May 25 2008

Calls for Diversity On The Appellate Bench

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Now that the Pennsylvania Senate has officially rejected Governor Rendell’s nominations to fill four vacant appellate judgeships, calls are coming for increased diversity among the judges on the appellate bench. Senate Republicans cited lack of diversity in the nominees as one reason why they rejected the slate. The Black Legislative Caucus is calling on the […]

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May 23 2008

Merit Selection Opponents Sing Same Old Song

It’s interesting how Merit Selection opponents trot out the same tired arguments every time there seems to be some progress in the effort to let the people weigh in on the question of how we should choose appellate judges. Dan Pero, over at American Courthouse, echoes these same refrains in his most recent post about […]

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May 21 2008

This Campaign is About the Process

The campaign for Merit Selection is an effort to bring to Pennsylvania a better process for selecting appellate court judges. It is not about the judges currently serving on the appellate courts. best cell phone spy software Pennsylvania has many qualified, skilled, experienced and fair appellate judges. But they reached the bench despite the electoral […]

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May 20 2008

Talk About Merit Selection on Live TV Tonight

Tonight PMC/PMCAction Executive Director Lynn Marks will appear on PCN’s Call In Program. The show airs live from 7:00-8:00pm . The program will focus on judici cheapest cialis al elections and Merit Selection, and viewers can call toll-free, 1-877-PA6-5001 (1-877-726-5001) to join the discussion. Also appearing will be Barry Kauffman of Common Cause PA and […]

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May 19 2008

Merit Selection On the Airwaves

This week, you can listen to both PMC Chair Bob Heim and PMC/PMCAction Associate Director Shira Goodman talk about Merit Selection with members of the Commonwealth Foundation. You can watch a video of Heim ‘s presentation to the Commonwealth Foundation’ order generic cialis online s Policy and Principles lunch on May 14. And you can […]

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May 16 2008

Why the Interim Appointment Process Didn't Work

When there’s an interim or midterm vacancy on any court in Pennsylvania, it is filled by the Governor making a nomination that is subject to Senate confirmation. Usually for appellate seats, the nominee agrees not to run in the next judicial election for a full term on the court and, therefore, sits on the bench […]

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